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Chris Evans Announces He Is Stepping Back From Acting; Expresses Interest in Making Furniture and Enjoying Autumn

chris evans' wedding captain america alba baptista marvel cinematic universe warrior nun star cape cod intimate ceremony wife friends

Marvel fans, you may want to sit down for this one. Over the last decade, the success and influence of the Marvel Universe, specifically the Avengers, has been undeniable. Its dominance in movie theatres has created numerous A-list celebrities. One of the most beloved and talented actors in the MCU is Captain America himself, Chris Evans. The Public’s Favorite Thanks ...

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The “Thunderbolts” Could Take the MCU Down a Dark Path

sebastian stan "The Thunderbolts" as a future project slated for a 2024 release.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of memorable heroes and villains. The stories of our favorite characters often paint a clear picture of good versus evil. There’s little guesswork in understanding the “good guys” versus the “bad guys.” Although we may empathize with the villains (looking at the “Thanos was right” crowd) or even get a redemption arch such as ...

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Chris Evans Settles Debate As Twitter Rages Over Captain America

Chris evans defends sam wilson

Twitter is currently aflame, locked in a heated debate. Is it politics? Religion? No. Captain America– you know, the important things. It started innocently enough: The Hollywood Reporter wrote an article speculating about Cap’s future and the direction the franchise may take. Then, the internet did what the internet does- it argued about it. Fans argued back and forth about ...

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What the Avengers Would Order at Starbucks

Avengers assemble…at Starbucks! One of our previous articles about Mickey and friends ordering Starbucks got us thinking: what would the Avengers order? Think about it: the Avengers have absolutely crazy lives and schedules – they need something to keep them going. How’s Hulk going to smash without some caffeine? We can’t even get out of the house without caffeine. There’s ...

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Disney Has Turned Captain America Into A Zombie & The Videos Are Creepy!

You just never know what surprise Disney is going to share next! While on the Walt Disney World Resort side of things Guests are experiencing Magic Kingdom’s Disney After Hours Boo Bash with sweetly dressed characters and the usual enticing, seasonal treats… Disneyland is dropping a shocking character into their seasonal mix! Move over Mickey and Minnie, the Captain has ...

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Captain America is Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s new origin story

lightyear film

When Pete Docter, Chief Creative Officer at Pixar and genius behindĀ Soul, made a Toy Story-related announcement to the audience at the 2020 Investor Day, it’s quite possible that most didn’t hear what he had to say, thanks to the simultaneously dropped news of new Star Wars and Marvel happenings. But they should have at least heard two things: that the ...

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