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URGENT: Guests Warned NOT to Visit Disney Resort Due to Potential “Catastrophic and Life-Threatening” Event

Warning sign over Disneyland Park Castle

Guests are being encouraged to reconsider any plans to visit one Disney Resort on Monday, February 5, as the potential for a “catastrophic and life-threatening” event becomes a very real possibility, and people are being urged to stay home. When Walt Disney chose locations to build his theme park resorts–Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, in the southern part of the ...

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You Can Live in Walt Disney’s California Home

You Can Live in Walt Disney's California Home

Many Disney fans would go to great lengths to surround themselves with pixie dust. Whether it be adding a bit of theming to our cars or splashes of magic to our homes, we all want that “Disney feeling” 24/7. What if I told you there was a way you could live around the clock literally surrounded by a bit of ...

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IT’S NOT TRUE! We’re busting up an age-old myth about one of Disney’s most iconic figures once and for all (hopefully)

There’s a rumor going around this fall that the world’s most famous animator will be re-animated before Christmas. Wow, just when we thought the most ridiculous Disney rumor of all time couldn’t get any more ridiculous…well, it has. We’re talking, of course, about Walt Disney being in cryogenic suspension, or less formally put–the rumor about Walt’s body being frozen. When ...

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Disney Buys Roughly 60 Acres for New Lake Nona Campus

The big news is out as The Walt Disney Company has announced they are moving roughly 2,000 Disney officials from Southern California to Florida. Disney is constructing a new Disney regional hub in Orlando’s Lake Nona community. With the average wage for the positions being $120,000 annually, this move is a big boost for the Lake Nona area. Now, we’re learning ...

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