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Beyoncé Is the Latest Celebrity to Destroy Disney

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BeyoncĂ© destroying Disney was not on our bingo cards this week. However, it looks like she is now the surprise emergence as the latest celebrity to overshadow Disney. The Queen Bee’s concert film/documentary, Renaissance: A Film by BeyoncĂ© (2023), wrecked the iconic studio, as Disney’s newest animated feature, Wish (2023), failed even further than its opening week. Disney Fails at ...

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‘Elemental’ Surprises Overseas

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Disney Pixar’s Elemental (2023) still has legs. RELATED: Disney Actor Sets Himself on Fire Box Office Bomb? After a slow start at the box office – some citing the Pixar movie as the studio’s biggest flop ever – Elemental (2023) is still surprising those in the industry. Despite the massive success of Barbie (2023) and Oppenheimer (2023), Pixar’s newest release is ...

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Supporters Claim “Racism” As “The Little Mermaid” Surpasses Half a Billion

Supporters Claim "Racism" As "The Little Mermaid" Surpasses Half a Billion

Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid remake has officially surpassed the half-a-billion dollar mark globally. A larger picture suggests the film could still be considered a financial failure despite what may look like success. With a lofty production budget half the size of its earnings, it is challenging to use the term “success.” As so studiously pointed out by DisneyDining.com earlier today, “Depending ...

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