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Nearly an Entire Year After CEO Bob Chapek Was Fired, and He’s STILL Causing Problems For Disney

bob chapek, mickey mouse confused

At the time of this article’s publication, it’s been nearly an entire year since Bob Chapek was fired and removed from his position as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. CEO Bob Iger has returned, and fans are mostly happy once again…emphasis on the ‘mostly.’ Although Bob Iger’s return was widely celebrated, some of his recent actions have caused a ...

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Forget 2026…Bob Iger is Staying Until 2031

Bob Iger wearing crown in front of spaceship earth

It was reported earlier this month that Disney CEO Bob Iger is extending his contract until 2026. At the time, he stated that the deadline of 2024 was “putting undue pressure” on all the work that he had to complete. As such, he needed to stay on until 2026. Many in the media and Disney fans cheered the news as ...

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7 Signs You’re Being Disney Catfished

Homer Simpson talking about Harry Potter at Disney World

To “catfish” an individual is to set up a false persona (usually online) to deceive another individual. RELATED: Darth Stamos – The Dark Side of Uncle Jesse But what is a Disney Catfish? That’s when someone deceives an individual by pretending to be a Disney fan when they really aren’t. You know what we’re talking about. You know the people. They ...

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Why We Shouldn’t Wish to Be Rid of Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek Disney revenue

Hello Disney fans, I’m Jill, and I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t want to get rid of Bob Chapek. There, I said it. It feels good to get that off my chest. Before you grab your pitchforks and let me explain: Step into my time machine, if you will, and let’s go back to 1984. A man named ...

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Disney’s Answer to Activist Investor Dan Loeb’s Accusations

Disney sued

Yesterday we reported that activist investor Dan Loeb, CEO of Third Point Management, had sent a letter to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, explaining their “significant stake” in the company and encouraging Disney to make a series of changes to cut costs and generate cash flow. Some of those changes include:  A cost-cutting program that addresses margins and “the disposal of ...

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Disney Creates New Role for Kristen Finney

Kristen Finney

Amidst Pixar’s new film Lightyear (and Disney’s refusal to remove the LGBTQ+ scene in certain countries leading to its ban), The Walt Disney Corporation’s international dealings have been in the limelight recently. Earlier this year, company CEO Bob Chapek announced the creation of an international division, known as International Content and Operations, headed up by Rebecca Campbell. Now in a ...

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