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Disney Rejects Opportunity to License ‘Bluey’ for Theme Parks

Bluey wdw

Bluey, the beloved animated TV show, has captured the hearts of children and adults alike with its heartwarming storytelling and lovable characters. The charm of the show lies in its relatable portrayal of everyday family life through the adventures of a loveable Blue Heeler pup named Bluey and her family. The success of Bluey has not only resonated on screen ...

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PETA Calls Out ‘Bluey’ for Episode on Controversial Subject


PETA, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has called out the popular show¬†Bluey¬†for the content of a recent episode. In a recent installment of Bluey, entitled “Slide,” the series tackles a thought-provoking topic that has sparked some controversy among viewers: the treatment of bugs. Far too often, bugs are stigmatized as scary and repulsive creatures that ...

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Is Chilli Pregnant? ‘Bluey’ Fans Hope Episode Points to a New Addition Coming to the Heeler Family

bluey bingo chilli bandit and baby chilli pregnant in bluey

The writers, animators, and production team behind the hit children’s program Bluey are reportedly enjoying a break between the third and fourth seasons of the show, and thanks to a newly released episode from Season 3, it’s quite possible that one of the episodes in Season 4 will introduce fans to Bluey’s new baby brother. Related: Experts Think They Finally ...

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Is ‘Bluey’ Really Teaching Kids How to Manipulate Their Parents?

Kids use Bluey to manipulate parents

Bluey is the children’s show that has taken the world by storm, but now some parents are questioning if the show has too strong of an influence on their kids. No one could have predicted the impact that Bluey¬†would have on children’s programming and the world in general. The show originated in Brisbane, Australia, but its popularity has quickly grown. ...

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Here’s Why, Despite Controversy ‘Bluey’ Should Extend Episodes


The beloved and highly popular¬†‚ÄėBluey‚Äô has been the topic of many conversations lately. Even among controversy and concerns by some, viewers can experience even more of¬†Bluey¬†as an extended episode is in the works. The bigger question becomes should¬†Bluey¬†have extended episodes moving forward. Award-Winning Show ‚ÄėBluey‚Äô is an award-winning show produced by Ludo Studio and co-commissioned by ABC Children‚Äôs and BBC ...

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Why Is ‘Bluey’ So Popular?


There’s no mistaking it: Bluey¬†is the kid’s television show that’s taken the world by storm lately. If you’re not a regular fan of the show, you may be asking yourself: “Why is this kid’s show so popular?” Today, I’m ready to break down the answer to why and how¬†Bluey became one of the world’s most popular television shows for both ...

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‚ÄėBluey‚Äô Birth Certificates Are Officially a Thing!

chili, bluey, bingo, and bandit from 'Bluey'

When we welcome a new bundle of joy into our lives, we often prepare and celebrate by decorating their nurseries. Oodles of toys, baby clothes, blankets, and other infant supplies, ranging from soft pastels to bright, beautiful colors await them at home. Nurseries are often themed, with certain characters making great choices for our little one’s first favorite character. Winnie ...

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Disney Reevaluates Extreme Bluey Censorship


Parents love Bluey. The Australian children’s show is wholesome and silly and inspires us to be better while entertaining and educating the kids. Some US parents were upset, however, to learn they had not seen every episode of the beloved show. They were even more upset when they discovered the reason: Disney had censored the show and did not air ...

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