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‘Bluey’ Fans Enraged As an Episode of the Show Encourages Deadly Behavior

bluey animated canine family with no sticker over them

Fans of Ludo Studio’s Bluey are irate yet again–this time because of a new episode of the show that reportedly encourages dangerous behaviors. Related: “Bluey” Fans Take Things Too Far During the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Bluey and Her Family Bluey is an Australian animated preschool TV series that first appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Network in October 2018. Disney acquired ...

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Disney Reevaluates Extreme Bluey Censorship


Parents love Bluey. The Australian children’s show is wholesome and silly and inspires us to be better while entertaining and educating the kids. Some US parents were upset, however, to learn they had not seen every episode of the beloved show. They were even more upset when they discovered the reason: Disney had censored the show and did not air ...

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