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Mjölnir Makes a Mighty Appearance At The Ganachery

Ganachery Thor hammer

It takes someone worthy to lift Mj√∂lnir, the mighty hammer of Thor. It will take someone equally worthy to eat The Ganachery’s latest treat! The indulgent chocolatier at Disney Springs has outdone itself with their Mj√∂lnir replica made entirely of chocolate. Known for their decadent treats, these chocolate wizards constantly outdo themselves with their creative limited run goodies. This incredible ...

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Save a Rainy Day in Walt Disney World With These Activities!

Rainy Day

The Walt Disney World Resort and Central Florida are no strangers to some pretty intense weather, especially in the summer months when high temperatures and humidity can cause all sorts of havoc. While the heat is uncomfortable, it also brings major thunderstorms most afternoon which are nothing in comparison to strong hurricanes that often roll through in the later summer ...

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