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Disney Rallies Legal Counsel to Stop Popular Online Trend

The-Walt-Disney-Company-Gavel-department of justice

In the past few weeks, fans from all over the world have loved partaking in the new Pixar AI trend that turns user’s pets into adorable movie posters. This trend has blown up on the TikTok platform, with thousands of new posters published on the daily. While many might assume that Disney would see this as a good PR move ...

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Is a Pixar ‘Harry Potter’ Series for Disney+ Real or a Work of Magic?

Pixar Harry Potter Disney

Recently, social media platforms have been buzzing with excitement as posters for a potential Disney and Pixar-produced Harry Potter series on Disney+ have circulated online. These stunning posters depict iconic characters from the wizarding world in the distinctive animation styles of Disney and Pixar, sparking widespread speculation about the possibility of such a collaboration. Pixar Harry Potter on Disney+ Is ...

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