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Another Disney Project SHELVED Post Hollywood Strike

win or lose

Since the announcement of the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Disney fans have been saddened to hear of the delays of several major Disney projects. The months of stalling for major film and television projects have resulted in many upcoming projects being shelved until later dates. Now, a new series has received this same fate. New Pixar Series Will Be ...

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She-Hulk Smash Bob Iger!

She Hulk and Bob Iger

Disney CEO Bob Iger has come under fire recently over comments calling SAG-AFTRA demands “not realistic” and describing the strike as “very disturbing.” RELATED: Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad on Bob Iger Bob Iger Critics As has been reported, Bob Iger brings home a $27 million paycheck annually, putting a spotlight on his comments and forcing blowback from Disney celebrities. The stars ...

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Disney Actor Sets Himself on Fire To Support SAG AFTRA

Actor on Fire Protesting

As many people know who follow entertainment news, there is currently a SAG AFTRA strike going on in Hollywood. The battle lines have been drawn, and Disney CEO Bob Iger has found himself in the crosshairs of some workers on strike. He has been called out by name by SAG president Fran Drescher and by Bryan Cranston. But another individual ...

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