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Fans Call Shocking Star Wars Detail “Gross” and “Shady”

Fans Call Shocking Star Wars Detail "Gross" and "Shady"

Star Wars is a vast universe filled with fascinating creatures, well-thought-out landscapes, and more stories than could ever be told. Since the 1977 debut of George Lucas’s Star Wars: A New Hope, the franchise has morphed into a colossal empire whose fans are loyal, knowledgeable, and insatiable. Star Wars fanatics (and we don’t use that word lightly here) fill their ...

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‘Bring Home the Bounty’: UPS delivery trucks get a new ‘Star Wars’ Sandcrawlers look

UPS is encouraging people to “bring home the bounty” this holiday season with new Star Wars-inspired wraps for their delivery trucks. The new Star Wars-inspired wrappers feature a dark brown, worn look to them and look very much like the Sandcrawler vehicles driven by the Jawas in the original first installment of the Star Wars saga, the Star Wars film from 1977. This ...

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