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10 Disney Characters You May Not Know Were Voiced By The Same Person

Did you know Disney has often used the same people to voice different characters in their movies? Why not? When you’ve got talent, use it! Check out our Top 10. 10. The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and Adult Flower from Bambi From innocent and shy to pretty darn crazy, both these characters were voiced by Sterling Holloway. Holloway also was the voice ...

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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Walt Disney World as a Family

By Cassie Walt Disney World is known as a Family Park, so why do so many families split up at the Parks? Children age 7 and older are permitted to travel through the parks on their own riding whatever they like. If a child is under the age of 7 they must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older. ...

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Top 10 Things To Do On A Short Trip To Walt Disney World

If you have time for a quick trip to Walt Disney World, take it! It is it worth it even if you can only come for a couple of days. My recommendations are based on a two day visit, which is the shortest that I would recommend. This plan assumes you will have two full days at the resort and ...

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7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Walt Disney World

I love visiting Walt Disney World and I credit that to having done research before my family arranged our vacation -before we left home. I am, by nature, a planner, but I like being spontaneous too and the key to that is still having an understanding of what is available in the park. Some of this I learned from reading ...

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7 Places To Totally Chill In Walt Disney World

One of the givens about traveling to Disney during the summer is that it’s going to be hot and sticky—absolutely one of the most stunningly hot places in the U.S. Of course, many don’t have any other option than summer WDW plans due to school for the youngsters. Such was the case for our most recent trip which just ended ...

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The Ten Most Heinous Disney Villains

Disney animators, writers and directors do a fantastic job with character development, and the villains are sometimes even more fleshed out than the heroes. Many of them become fan favorites, and as a group they have inspired events in the parks (or at least key roles in park events). Here is my countdown of the 10 most heinous of Disney ...

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Top 7 Mickey Shaped Foods


There aren’t too many places where eating food shaped like a mouse would sound appealing, but Walt Disney World is the definite exception to the rule. There are several edible options shaped like the head mouse himself (usually in the form of the three circles), and here are my 7 favorites:   7. Mickey Pretzels This savory snack can be ...

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Top 10 Disney Love Stories

Everyone knows that the writers with Disney Animation and PIXAR can weave fantastic tales that draw you in and connect you with characters that are drawn as much as a good live action movie can connect you with real people. I am really amazed at every Disney and PIXAR movie at the level of character and relationship development. One of ...

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Top 5 Walt Disney World Rumors

By Cassie Walt Disney World is watched by dedicated fans and when a wall goes up, or a crane, people are already flocking over that area trying to see what they are up to. Sometimes we are given clues through things like building permits, a worker that is so excited they share something, or maybe we will get an official ...

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