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7 Awesome Tips To Plan Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Planning a vacation can be a daunting task. Travel agents have been a valuable resource over the years for a very good reason. Planning a trip to Disney World is a whole other level of planning. These vacations can be a truly magical experience, but only if they are planned out well before you leave. Luckily gives you all ...

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Top 5 Recreational Activities at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a vacation destination known for entertainment and magic. But what about those of us who seek adventure on our vacations? I have good news: this list is for you. Here are my top five favorite recreational activities to do at the “happiest place on earth.” 5. Roast marshmallows and have a movie night These relatively new ...

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Top 20 Useful Things To Take Into A Walt Disney World Park

Guests who visit Walt Disney World never have to worry about locating any item that they might find themselves needing throughout their vacation. With plenty of gift shops throughout the parks and Disney Resorts, guests can easily find items that might be overlooked while packing however this ends up using time and money. In addition to everyday items that most ...

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6 Tips for Grandparents Going to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World forever endeavors to be a family affair, so no matter your age, young or old, the Imagineers have designed something to appeal to your wonder and amusement. Grandparents are especially important in the life of children, so sharing Disney memories can only draw them closer together. After deciding to join their family on a vacation to Walt ...

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5 Things That Disney Insiders Do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There are a lot of changes taking place right now at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Many attractions have closed, and there are promises for new adventures coming in the future! Even though things are changing, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is still worth part of your Walt Disney World vacation. Here are five things that Disney insiders do when they stop by. 5. ...

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10 Things You Must Do Before Heading To Walt Disney World

Magical Express

If you’re like me, you’re always thinking about your next Disney vacation, and when it comes time to actually book and start planning that vacation, there are a number of things you must do to prepare. It might seem like a great deal of planning, but it’s all fun, I promise! Here is our list of 10 things you must ...

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9 Stunning Facts About The Magic Kingdom In Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World’s original park, was designed with lots of hidden details that go unnoticed by many guests today. This article delves into the lesser known details behind the Magic Kingdom. 9. Historical Accuracy of Liberty Square In Liberty Square, many of the things you see are original to the time period or made to look original ...

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6 Huge Tips To Save On Dining At Walt Disney World

mickey ice cream

Dining at Walt Disney World can be a huge expense, and the most variable. You already know how much the hotel, travel, and tickets cost you. But what about the stuff you haven’t ordered yet? Walt Disney World allows guests to bring outside food into the parks (just no glass containers, alcohol, or big hard-sided coolers), which can really help ...

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6 Walt Disney World Restaurants You Simply Must Try

Walt Disney World is home to some amazing restaurants. Each one provides excellent service, great food and an incredible atmosphere. Since there are so many different restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where you would like to dine. Of all the restaurants available, we have put together a list of 6 that you should try while ...

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