Multiple Disney World Rides Will Shut Down, Effective This Year

Test Track Exterior

In 2024, Walt Disney World Resort experienced a wave of closures and transformations across its theme parks, promising both excitement and adjustments for guests planning their magical vacations. These closures, while temporary, served as opportunities for Disney to refresh and innovate its offerings, ensuring that guests’ experiences remain captivating and memorable. One notable closure that stirred anticipation among Disney enthusiasts ...

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Disney World Unveils New Creatures & Features at Soon-To-Open Magic Kingdom Attraction

tianas bayou adventure

Disney World has unveiled new creatures, features, and other details inside a brand-new Magic Kingdom attraction that’s slated to open later this year. Related: Disgusting & Unforgivably Insensitive: Disney World is Reimagining the Wrong Attraction Fans Are Along For the Ride It’s getting closer and closer to the opening of Disney World’s brand-new attraction, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom, ...

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Whoopi Goldberg Wants Disney to Bring Back ‘Song of the South’

Song of the South and Whoopi Goldberg

Splash Mountain is gone, and with it, the last remaining piece of Disney’s Song of the South (1946) in pop culture. Amid cries for its removal, many others fought for its survival. The arguments were intense on both sides. Pro-removal advocates argued that the film had racist undertones and should not be celebrated. Pro-Splash Mountain advocates argued the ride itself ...

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Disney Legend Deceased at 21 – The Story You Don’t Know

Michael Banks: Disney Legend Matthew Garber, Death at 21

Working within The Walt Disney Company has often been equated to feeling like family. That kinship and admiration can extend past just colleagues into the camaraderie of an audience impacted by certain projects. Once someone is involved in a hit-turned-classic element of any Walt Disney Company project, they become somewhat of a Disney legend. But some elite few become actual ...

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Disney Cast Members Reportedly Take Children Away From Parents

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

Disneyland Cast Members reportedly ruined a family vacation by separating children from their parents. Disneyland guests can enter the realm of imagination, where dreams come true, and happiness knows no bounds. Nestled in the heart of Anaheim, California, Disneyland stands as an iconic symbol of wonder and enchantment. Since its grand opening in 1955, this beloved theme park has captured ...

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A Not So Bright Future: New Potential Insight Regarding Spider-Man in the MCU Revealed

spider-man mcu

Embracing his role as the iconic web-slinger, Tom Holland has breathed new life into the character of Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), captivating audiences with his electrifying performance as Peter Parker. As fans await the unfolding of Spider-Man’s journey in the MCU, guided by the collaborative efforts of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, the prospect of what lies ...

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Zendaya to Reportedly Return to Future Marvel Project

zendaya spider-man 4

One of Hollywood’s sweetest couples, Tom Holland and Zendaya, could be returning to the realm of Marvel sooner than we thought! Zendaya, the multi-talented actress and singer, has captivated audiences worldwide with her exceptional talent and striking presence on screen. From her early days in the Disney Channel series KC Undercover (2015) to her breakout role as Rue Bennett in ...

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Billionaire Blasts Marvel’s “All-Black” Cast

Nelson Peltz Marvel All-Black cast

If you have been following the Disney news lately, then there’s a good chance you may have heard of the name Nelson Peltz. Nelson Peltz is a billionaire, the founder of Trian Fund Management, and an activist shareholder at The Walt Disney Company. He is also the person attempting a hostile takeover of Disney’s Board of Directors. It is not ...

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Theme Park Wars: Most Iconic Attraction in Central Florida Purchased By Well-Known Entertainment Group

thorpe park merlin entertainment

One of the most popular and recognizable attractions in Central Florida has a new name and a new owner as part of a deal that was announced on Monday afternoon between the previous owner of the attraction and a well-known family entertainment company. Merlin Entertainment, a British family entertainment group that owns various attractions and theme park resorts across the ...

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