Guests Point out Massive Mistake Made on Iconic Disney Ride

indiana jones adventure ride at disneyland california

One of Disneyland’s most iconic rides is facing a concerning issue. Related: Disney Restaurant Accused of Deliberate Overcharging While the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is filled to the absolute brim with classic and iconic attractions, few theme park experiences can compare to the Indiana Jones Adventure. Located inside Disneyland Park, Indiana Jones Adventure is often considered to be one ...

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Guests Furious Over Disney World’s Upcoming Policy Change

walt disney statue, cinderella castle in the background

Last month, when the Walt Disney Company announced that it was utterly revamping the Disability Access Service Program at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, the blowback from those who had previously used the DAS system was brutal. Some created petitions to return the old system, while others threatened Disney with Federal Lawsuits for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. Despite ...

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Parents Swap Mickey for Margs: Disney World Trip Without Kids

Disney Adults In Black and White

A vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort is often a magical time for families and guests of all ages, but traveling in a large group can have its perks and pitfalls. Disney will always be the home of childhood magic, but sometimes mom and dad need to have some fun too. If you’re anything like this writer, you’ll undoubtedly ...

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Elton John Replaced in ‘Lion King’ Project by New Disney Darling

Elton Miranda Lion King

The Lion King series is perhaps one of the biggest jewels in Disney’s crown, having maintained a consistent following since 1994. With gorgeous animation, phenomenal performances, and music by the legendary Elton John, it was a perfect storm of Disney magic. Although the film has left a legacy of sequels and spinoffs in its wake, its newest entry is about to ...

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Beloved Disney Legend Found Dead Moments Before Major Premiere

Disney+ Movies

The man behind one of Disney’s latest and greatest stories has tragically passed away. If you own Disney+, you are privvy to the hundreds of stories that The Walt Disney Company has created over the past 100 years. Not only are all of the classics from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Peter Pan and beyond available for subscribers ...

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