Best Budget Bites: McDonald’s at Disney

McDonald's Image

Are you planning a magical trip to the happiest place on Earth? Well, if you’re near Los Angeles, California, or near Orlando, Florida, we’ve got a little secret to share with you – a hidden gem that can make your Disney adventure even more enchanting. Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about McDonald’s at Disney. Now, you might be ...

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Wickedly Delicious Maleficent Cake Jar Recipe

Maleficent Cake Jar Recipe

In the words of Maleficent, “Listen well, all of you!” Disney Family has shared a wickedly delicious recipe inspired by, yep, you guessed it… Maleficent! What better way to stir up some dark magic in the kitchen than with Maleficent Cake Jars! Your family will be frightfully excited to join in on the fun. Check out the recipe and tutorial ...

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Devoted Fans Risk It All, Leave Home and Work From Disney World

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dressed in colorful costumes, wave from a golden parade float at Disney World. A performer in a light blue and white outfit waves alongside them. The blue spires of the castle are visible in the background, creating a magical moment for remote workers visiting the park.

The trend of working remotely from the Walt Disney World Resort has become increasingly common over the last few years, For decades now, the Central Florida Disney Resort has been a premier Disney vacation destination and fans from all over the world have flocked to the Sunshine State to get their fix of the Disney experience. However, after COVID-19 swept ...

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Disney Calls Out Fake News From “Far Right”: “Problematic” Tinker Bell Not Canceled

A fairy with shimmering wings and a glowing light in her hands, reminiscent of Tinker Bell from Disney Parks, is pictured on the right. On the left, a circular red "Cancelled" stamp has a white diagonal line across it, indicating cancellation is negated.

New sources claim that reports that Disney canceled the beloved pixie from Peter Pan were rumors fuelled by “the far right.” Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasingly polarized view of The Walt Disney Company and its decisions, whether regarding its theme parks (be it Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort) or even the characters in its movies, ...

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Guests Under Fire for Putting Children In Height-Boosting Shoes To Evade Disney Park Rules

Colorful amusement park entrance for Pixar Pier, featuring a large circular sign with the lettering "Pixar Pier" at the center of a roller coaster structure. Palm trees and lights adorn the area below, with a sign reading "Midway Mania!" in the foreground—perfect for any Disney Adult seeking nostalgia.

In recent times, there has been a growing concern at Disney parks regarding guests attempting to bypass height requirements for certain attractions by resorting to unconventional methods. One such concerning trend that has caught the attention of park officials is the practice of some parents outfitting their children with height-boosting shoes in a bid to make them appear taller than ...

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Bob Iger Admits to Major Disney+ Screw Up

Bob Iger on Good Morning America, The Mandalorian and High School Musical The Musical The Series

On November 12, 2019, The Walt Disney Company took a huge leap into the streaming game when it launched Disney+ — the ultimate streaming library for Disney fans. Disney+ included hundreds of movies and thousands of television episodes. And there were not just classics like The Lion King (1994), Beauty and the Beast (1991), and Cinderella (1950). There were also several original ...

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New Information About Evidence Revealed in Murder Case Involving Man Who Claims to Work For Disney

A young girl with long brown hair smiling at the camera. In the background, black-and-white images of people are overlaid with a red stamp of the word "EVIDENCE" in large letters.

New information about evidence and about law enforcement’s homicide investigation has come to light in the Florida murder case against a man who claimed to work for Disney at the time the crime was committed. Related: Suspect in Madeline Soto Murder Says He Works For Disney; Where’s the Proof? WARNING: The following article mentions topics that may be distressing for ...

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