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10 Cutest Walt Disney World Couples

There is romance and cuteness all over Walt Disney World and in Disney movies. It’s so easy to get swept up in it! While there are lots to choose from, here are my ten cutest Walt Disney World Couples: 1. Mickey and Minnie I’d argue that Mickey and Minnie are one of the cutest couples of all time, not just ...

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Child Forced to ‘Walk the Plank,’ Exits Pirates of the Caribbean Mid-Ride

Pirates of the Caribbean

An eight-year-old “walked the plank” on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World Resort this week. Wrought with controversy over its outdated and potentially “offensive” scenes, the Magic Kingdom Park attraction has seen increased breakdowns in recent months. It might be one of Walt Disney World Resort’s oldest operating rides, but Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t the ...

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Classic 1971 Disney World Ride Under ‘Sensitivity’ Review

Disney World Ride

When Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort opened its gates on October 1, 1971, it brought to life a realm of fantasy and wonder that promised a timeless escape from the mundane. From the very beginning, the Disney World park was a tapestry of meticulously crafted attractions, each designed to capture the imagination of its visitors. Many of these ...

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Disney Calls Out Fake News From “Far Right”: “Problematic” Tinker Bell Not Canceled

A fairy with shimmering wings and a glowing light in her hands, reminiscent of Tinker Bell from Disney Parks, is pictured on the right. On the left, a circular red "Cancelled" stamp has a white diagonal line across it, indicating cancellation is negated.

New sources claim that reports that Disney canceled the beloved pixie from Peter Pan were rumors fuelled by “the far right.” Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasingly polarized view of The Walt Disney Company and its decisions, whether regarding its theme parks (be it Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort) or even the characters in its movies, ...

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Disney Just Created Its Best Animatronics EVER

Anna and Elsa's Frozen Journey Tokyo Disney

In just a few weeks, a brand-new land will open at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Fantasy Springs will open at Tokyo DisneySea on June 6, and will transport guests into the worlds of three iconic Disney movies — Peter Pan (1953), Tangled (2010), and Frozen (2013). There will be new rides and attractions, new dining spots, and some incredible new merchandise. Fantasy Springs will truly ...

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Should Disney Fans Appreciate or Forget ‘Song of the South?’

song of the south uncle remus

Song of the South is undoubtedly the most controversial film project ever produced by The Walt Disney Company. The international entertainment juggernaut, standing today as a loud voice in the fight for equality, has done everything it can to scrape the memory of 1946 film from its archives and storied history, going as far as removing what was once the most popular ride ...

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Disney Park Building Its Second Princess Castle, Opening in 2024

disney parks castle

One Disney Park is constructing its second princess castle, and guests will finally be able to experience the new royal abode in June 2024. Related: Cinderella Castle is a Lovely, Lovely Liar Disney Loves Castles Everybody loves Disney castles, and Disney Parks around the world are known for the beautiful castles that stand as beacons, welcoming guests to enter and ...

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