Disney Reaches Year’s Record Price for Popular Offering

wdw crowds

Disney Genie+ is a revolutionary service offered at Disney parks that is designed to enhance the overall guest experience. This innovative offering provides visitors with the opportunity to optimize their day at the park by utilizing lightning lane access to some of the most popular Disney Park attractions. With Disney Genie+, guests can make individual lightning lane selections throughout the ...

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Disney Tourism Update: CDC Warns of National Surge of Dangerous Virus

Covid Disney masks

Despite what you may think, cold and flu season is not yet over in the United States. Norovirus, a highly contagious virus causing gastrointestinal illness, has been increasingly prevalent across the United States. This trend is particularly alarming in popular tourist destinations like Disney, where large crowds and close interactions could amplify the risk of outbreaks. With Spring break tourists ...

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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Welcomes First Riders at Walt Disney World

Tiana's Bayou Adventure with Tiana over Splash Mountain

The log flums are open for some lucky riders at Walt Disney World Resort. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a thrilling new attraction, is currently in the exciting phase of ride testing within the enchanting grounds of the Walt Disney World Resort. The ride-testing process is a crucial step in ensuring that guests will have a magical and unforgettable experience when they ...

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The Empire State Building Kicks Off ‘May the Fourth’ Promotion With Amazing ‘Star Wars’ Visuals

darth vader march to the fourth empire state building

In a spectacular celebration leading up to “May the Fourth,” the Empire State Building in New York illuminated the night sky with mesmerizing Darth Vader projections. Star Wars fans and onlookers were treated to a visual extravaganza as the iconic landmark paid homage to the legendary franchise, making a notable and viral “March to the Fourth.” The towering silhouette of ...

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Popular Marvel Actor, Sebastian Stan, Will Not Return to New ‘Captain America’ Film

Popular Marvel Character, Sebastian Stan, Will Not Return to New 'Captain America' Film

Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor best known for his role as Bucky Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stan’s work with Marvel has been an integral part of the MCU, carrying earlier phases of the popular franchise through detailed stories of espionage and murder. Although side Anthony Mackie, Stan’s latest MCU appearances have ...

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Disney Greenlights New ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ Series!

Wizards of Waverly Place sequel

In 2007, Disney launched the career of future superstar Selena Gomez with the premiere of the Disney Channel Show, Wizards of Waverly Place. The show starred Gomez as Alex Russo, a young girl who seems like a normal teenager, but is secretly a wizard. Alex is competing against her two brothers — Justin and Max — to become the sole wizard ...

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Not Your Grandmother’s SeaWorld: Orlando Marine Park Announces Historical Disney World-Level Changes As Part of a 60th Anniversary Celebration

seaworld orlando 60th anniversary celebration

SeaWorld Orlando is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the debut of the family of aquatic parks with historical additions and changes that rival some of the latest additions at the Walt Disney World Resort. Related: After 60 Years in the Business, SeaWorld Entertainment Is a Thing of the Past SeaWorld Orlando Celebrates 60 Years of Aquatic Entertainment It’s been 60 ...

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