After String of Huge Failures, Disney Movie President Steps Down, Effective Immediately

Sean Bailey Stepping Down Disney Motion Pictures

It is no secret that Disney has been having some real struggles at the box office since the pandemic. Despite creating movies that viewers really enjoy, like¬†Elemental (2023) and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023), the company just can’t seem to get people to go to the theater. Despite the failure of¬†The Marvels, Marvel has remained relatively steady ...

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Hours-Long Ordeal With Police Shuts Down Orlando International Airport

mco airport closed terminal

An hours-long ordeal involving a police investigation rendered an entire terminal at Orlando International Airport non-operational on Monday afternoon. Related: Terrifying Trend at Orlando Airport Puts Disney World Guests, Others in Danger No Extra Stress at the Airport, Please Normally, being late for a flight is an awful thing–and one from which the fallout seems to have a neverending ripple ...

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Disney World Prohibits Guests From Purchasing Magic Bands

Magic Bands to Become Obsolete at Walt Disney World?

International guests flock to Walt Disney World Resort for many reasons, drawn by the allure of its magical offerings and renowned attractions. For many international guests, a trip to Walt Disney World Resort represents a cherished childhood dream come true. Whether inspired by classic animated films or enchanted by the magic of Disney storytelling, visiting the parks evokes feelings of ...

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‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Tragically Dead at 48

Chris Gauthier Once Upon a Time Dead

One of the really fun things about Disney shows and movies is how they can take movies and stories we know so well and twist them into new and unique stories. One of the best ways Disney did this was with its hit ABC show, Once Upon a Time. Once Upon a Time aired from 2011 until 2018, and told the story of ...

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TikTok Creator Goes Viral for Videos of Him Harassing Disney Princesses

wdw Disney Cinderella Castle

A TikTok creator recently gained widespread attention for their viral videos that depict them harassing Disney Princesses in the Disney theme parks. The disturbing trend has alarmed many Disney guests and fans, who are concerned about the disrespectful behavior exhibited by this person toward these beloved characters. The creator’s actions have sparked backlash online, with many condemning the inappropriate conduct ...

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New ‘Peter Pan’ Set to Take Audiences on a Multicultural Journey

New 'Peter Pan' Set to Take Audiences on a Multicultural Journey

Think happy thoughts! That’s the gist that Sir J.M. Barrie portrayed to audiences when he put pen to paper in 1892, beginning work on his stage show, Peter Pan. Produced in London and shown in 1904, the captivating show features Lost Boys, vile pirate captains, fairies, and more captivated audiences. Since its conception, Peter Pan has seen numerous adaptations, most ...

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Fans Concoct Solution to Save the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise

johnny depp as captain jack sparrow grossed out

Pirates of the Caribbean is a wildly popular franchise that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. At the center of this swashbuckling series is the iconic character, Captain Jack Sparrow, brought to life by the talented actor Johnny Depp. Depp’s portrayal of Sparrow has become legendary, earning him a place in cinematic history. The magic of the Pirates of ...

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Disney-Owned Studio Cancels Another Follow-up Season

she-hulk attorney at law

Disney, in a $4 billion deal, purchased the rights to Marvel in 2009. The new deal allowed The Walt Disney Company to work with some of the popular superheroes that iconic creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby ever created. Although some famed comic book names like Spider-Man were not part of the deal, Marvel Studios has seen towering success since ...

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