Did Disney Really Buy Epstein Island?

disney to buy epstein island

Another day, another Disney rumor to dispel. However, this one involving the notorious Epstein Island in St Thomas, is more of a joke than a rumor. Every now and again, weird news comes out of Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Often, these stories are almost unbelievable. That’s because, in many cases, they certainly are! One of the latest culprits that ...

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Disney Announces Surprise Early Closure of Magic Kingdom Park

wdw Magic Kingdom entrance

Magic Kingdom Park operates at varying hours throughout the year, offering guests ample opportunities to enjoy the magic. Understanding Magic Kingdom hours is crucial for planning your visit effectively. The park typically opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM, but these times can differ based on the season and special events. In the case of one day this ...

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Disney Announces Untimely End of Beloved Nighttime Show

disneyland paris

Disney is known for its over-the-top nighttime spectaculars, which are featured in Disney theme parks around the world. One of the most captivating spectacles in Disney’s repertoire is the renowned Disney Electrical Sky Parade. This mesmerizing procession features illuminated floats adorned with beloved Disney characters, gliding gracefully through the park in a symphony of lights and music. As the parade ...

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CONFIRMED: Disney Reveals the Look of a Brand-New ‘Tangled’-Themed Attraction Coming Soon to Disney Park

rapunzel tangled lanterns disneyland paris

Disney has just revealed the look of a brand-new Tangled-themed attraction under construction at Disney Parks, and the new Disney experience is going to be gorgeous! Talk of a ‘Tangled’-Themed Attraction For Years In 2022, Disney Parks fans heard the first mentions of an exciting new attraction inspired by Walt Disney Animation’s 50th feature-length animated film, Tangled, which debuted in ...

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Disney Says It Had Every Right to Fire Controversial ‘Mandalorian’ Star

Disney says it had every right to fire Gina Carano

When The Walt Disney Company launched its streaming service, Disney+, it filled the platform with not just classic Disney movies like Cinderella (1950) and Beauty and the Beast (1992). The company also premiered several series created just for Disney+. That included what is not one of its most popular Star Wars shows ever, The Mandalorian. The show starred Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin, a Mandalorian ...

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‘Good Morning America’ Shares an Exclusive Look at the Newest ‘Bluey’ Episode, Debuting This Sunday

bluey the sign

Good Morning America just shared an exclusive first look at the newest episode of Bluey, set to debut on Sunday, April 14. A ‘Bluey’ Announcement That Thrilled Fans Online communities have been abuzz about the newest 28-minute-long episode of the children’s series Bluey since news first broke about plans for the release of a half-hour-long installment, coming to Disney+ on ...

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Two New ‘Princess and the Frog’ Locations to Open at Walt Disney World

Critter co'op

Right now, both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are working extremely hard to prepare their respective incoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attractions for the public. In the midst of this massive overhaul, Disney is also working to open up several additional Princess and the Frog-themed shopping locations at each destination’s area. Today, fans got a sneak peek at the two ...

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