Cast Member Explains Reason for Stopping Wedding Proposal at Disney Park

Shanghai Disneyland No Proposals Allowed

A prior incident at a Disney park involving a cast member sparked controversy after they halted a romantic proposal. The magical ambiance of Disney parks has long been a popular setting for couples to take their relationships to the next level. However, this particular proposal hit a snag when the cast member intervened, raising questions about the boundaries of Disney ...

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Crowds Flood Disney Park to Use Tickets Before Mass Expiration

Disneyland tickets

Thousands of Disney Park tickets are about to expire, and fans are panicking! Disneyland Resort has exciting news for families looking to experience the magic of the parks – they have introduced a limited-time offer specifically aimed at children. This exceptional deal, which was announced last year, allows children to enjoy all that Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park ...

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Guests Spot Flock of Wild Animals Roaming Walt Disney World Resort

Wild animals at Disney

Wild animals at Disney bring a touch of nature’s magnificence to the magical world of Disney. From the majestic lions at Disney Animal Kingdom Park to the playful horses in Magic Kingdom, the animals at Walt Disney World Resort are a sight to behold. Guests of all ages are captivated by the beauty and wonder of these creatures, making it ...

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Was Nicolas Cage Visiting Disneyland to Promote a New Ride? Or Was It Ryan Gosling?

ryan gosling nicolas cage disneyland

It isn’t uncommon to bump into celebrities when visiting Disney Parks. Personally, I’ve had the luck of running into Tim Burton, John Travolta, and producer Paul Matthews. Some guests to Disneyland may have gotten a serious surprise when they accidentally bumped into Nicolas Cage or Ryan Gosling yesterday! Nic Cage, Hollywood Enigma Nicolas Cage, known for his impeccable talent and ...

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Mickey Mouse Breaks out of Disney for Shocking Late-Night Trip to Taco Bell

Mickey Mouse Taco Bell

What is happening here? Stepping into the iconic role of a Mickey Mouse performer is a unique opportunity that requires a blend of talent, enthusiasm, and a deep understanding of the beloved character. Portraying Mickey Mouse goes beyond wearing a costume; it involves embodying the charm, charisma, and timeless appeal of this endearing Disney character. As a Mickey Mouse performer, ...

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Just In: Another High Level Disney Executive to Step Down

barbara bouza disney executive

Walt Disney once famously noted that his beloved theme park, Disneyland, would remain in a constant state of flux, changing to keep up with the times. Although this philosophy has proven to be an amazing strategy in keeping Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort afloat, as the world outside of the bubble evolves, it’s done little favors when applied to ...

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Ten Years Ago, 239 People Vanished Without a Trace. Now Disney+ Attempts to Shed Light on the Tragedy

missing mh370 pilots and simulated crash in the southern indian ocean

Ten years ago, 239 people disappeared without a trace, and to this day, there has been no sign of any of them–or of the aircraft they boarded little more than an hour before their disappearance. Countless investigations, inquests, press conferences, and demands from grieving family members have yielded nothing and have instead served to add to the ever-growing list of ...

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Head of DeSantis’s Disney Board Under Fire… Again…

Glen Gilzean Florida Election Supervisor

In February 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially dissolved the Reedy Creek Improvement District and created the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. The move came after an almost year-long battle between the Florida Governor and The Walt Disney Company. The trouble began when ex-Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke against a bill that Governor DeSantis had championed. Several months after creating ...

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