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Johnny Depp FINALLY Gets Payback, A Gut Punch to Disney and Ex-Wife

johnny depp captain jack sparrow payback disney pirates of the caribbean 6

Johnny Depp has truly been through the wringer the past couple of years. Even though his most loyal fans stood by him through the smear campaign trial launched by his ex-wife Amber Heard, Hollywood was not so kind. Universal dropped him from his role in the Harry Potter franchise Fantastic Beasts, and Disney basically ex-communicated him despite his massive contributions as ...

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Johnny Depp’s Stunt Double Sued for a Massive Amount of Money

Johnny Depp stunt double

The life of a stunt double is hard. The life of Johnny Depp’s stunt double? That’s another thing entirely. Such was the fate of Tony Angelotti. Depp was known to do some crazy things on set. Angelotti only stepped in when it was perilous. Taking the role of Depp’s stunt double almost cost Angelotti his life. Related: Johnny Depp Finally ...

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Johnny Depp’s Sprawling L.A. Home Goes on the Market As Ex-Wife’s Allegations Shake Up His Career

Actor Johnny Depp’s lavish Los Angeles home was put on the market–just one of the many casualties of the war waged on him by his former spouse. RELATED: Disney Refuses to Apologize to Johnny Depp, But He’s Already Gotten the Last Word Brilliantly Johnny Depp’s career was nearly destroyed by allegations made by the actor’s vindictive ex-wife, but Depp’s turmoil ...

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An Injured Johnny Depp Urged NOT to Travel, Forced to Cancel Appearances

johnny depp stage cancelled sign

Johnny Depp was forced to cancel recent appearances after his doctor advised him against traveling, following a serious injury. Last week, the Hollywood Vampires–the band of musicians that includes Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry–were forced to cancel three of their North American tour dates after Depp suffered an injury and was advised not to travel by his ...

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Johnny Depp Gets SEVEN Minute Standing Ovation From A-List Peers

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp has always made headlines. From Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean series to Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands (1990) the star is widely acclaimed for his expert and entertaining character portrayals. Nearly everyone in the world watched closely during the dramatic trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard. And while Depp emerged victorious from the legal battle, ...

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