“I Thought I Was Gonna Die” – Little Girl’s ‘Near Death Experience’ Caught on Video

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are some of the most iconic and recognizable vacation destinations in the world. The Most Magical Place on Earth and the Happiest Place on Earth, respectively, are dedicated entirely to curating a memorable and magical experience for all who visit for a classic Disney vacation…

But sometimes, those vacations don’t go as planned.

Even at a Disney Resort, Things Can Still Go Wrong

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Things can go wrong, even while visiting a Disney Park.

Sometimes, the weather is different than originally forecasted, especially in Walt Disney World, which is constantly subjected to Florida’s fickle rain and sunshine.

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Other times, the attractions at the very top of our ‘must-see’ lists are closed for refurbishment or experiencing technical difficulties.

Sometimes, our ‘must-see’ attractions are operating normally, but they’re not at all like we expected, and we find ourselves waiting in a long line for an experience we didn’t enjoy.

That’s exactly what was in store for one unlucky guest.

One Little Girl’s ‘Near Death’ Experience Was Caught on Camera

One family recently visited Disneyland’s Disney California Adventure theme park. While visiting the Disney Park, they decided to ride one of the vacation resort’s most infamous attractions, sending a little girl toward her ‘near death.’


My kid almost died! 😱 oh no! #themcfivecircus #ohno #disneyland

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In this video, the little girl says to the audience, “Let me show you the time I thought I was gonna die.” The footage abruptly cuts to the family experiencing the ride, and the same little girl can be seen screaming and clinging to the attraction.


Credit: Disney

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While she undoubtedly felt scared to death on this unconventional Ferris wheel, she made it out alive and unscathed, surviving her ‘near death experience’ as the family of influencers put it.

And we don’t blame her for feeling that way! Disney California Adventure’s Pixar Pal-A-Round is easily one of the worst-received Disney rides on the West Coast, if not in the world!

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This Ferris wheel-like attraction consists of 24 gondolas, half of which slide back and forth as the wheel moves. However, instead of creating a whimsical experience, these swinging gondolas only serve to terrify and disorient many of the guests who ride this attraction.

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  1. She had to know what the ferris wheel does before she got on. That ride is loads of fun and one of my favorite.