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Disney World Cast Member Seen Throwing Straws at Guests

Disney Cast Member Throwing

Whispering Canyon Café, located inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World, is a popular restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. In case you aren’t familiar, Whispering Canyon Café is known for the shenanigans that occur between servers and Guests (don’t ask for extra ketchup!). On a recent visit to Whispering Canyon Café, one waiter was having some fun with ...

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Doritos Were Invented Because of Disneyland Trash

Disney Doritos

Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Spicy Sweet Chili, Flamin’ Hot — Of course we are talking about the different flavors of Doritos! Doritos are a staple for many Americans, especially during the Super Bowl, but do you know how this crunchy chip came to be? If we told you they were invented because of Disneyland trash would you believe us? Well, ...

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Magic Kingdom’s First-Ever Lounge Is on the Way: Here’s What to Know

Pirates of the Caribbean lounge coming to Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort is finally getting its first lounge, and the location’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction theme will add to the excitement of the new guest experience within Adventureland. Related: Disney Scraps an Entire Attraction, Citing an Unsolvable Problem for Guests First-Ever Magic Kingdom Lounge An exciting new addition is coming to Adventureland at Disney World’s ...

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Your Guide to the Best Food Around Disney Parks

Disney Park Food

Disney parks in Anaheim, California, Orlando, Florida, and all over the world are known for their dazzling rides, captivating shows, and, of course, the magical world they create. But there’s one aspect of Disney that often goes overlooked but is equally enchanting – the food! From delectable snacks to gourmet dining experiences, Disney parks offer a culinary adventure that is ...

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The Truth Behind Walt Disney World’s “Poop River”

walt disney world liberty square magic kingdom brown poop river concept art imagineers

Any guests who frequent Walt Disney World Resort in Florida have heard the rumor behind the streak of brown pavement that runs along the stretch of Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. Guests who have visited only a few times may have heard about the “brown river,” as well, as it has become a bit of a Disney World tour fun fact. ...

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Cinderella Castle Dismantling Ahead of Intense Florida Weather

cinderella castle, magic kingdom

Cinderella Castle and Walt Disney World’s home in central Florida is no stranger to intense weather, but each Disney theme park used to be open through even the most inclement weather. While there are only a handful of times Walt Disney World has completely closed down, the frequency has jumped with climate issues and the intensification of recent hurricanes. Walt ...

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Must-Try Restaurants at Every Disney Park Around the World

Disney Restaurants

Disney Park’s enchanting destinations offer so much more than thrilling rides and captivating shows but also boast an array of dining experiences that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.  Whether you find yourself at Disney Springs, Downtown Disney, the Disney boardwalk, or anywhere in the Disney universe, there’s a culinary delight waiting for you. In ...

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