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Walt Disney World’s Top 10 Themed Restaurants

There are many things the Imagineers do well, but the one that makes the parks so special is creating a backstory and following a theme. Most restaurants could have a basic décor, serve food and that would be adequate, but that is not good enough for the designers creating Walt Disney World’s many themed eateries. Many have elaborate backstories that ...

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Top Ten Ways to Save Your Energy While on a Disney Vacation


For many people, a Walt Disney World vacation means nonstop fun. Part of that entails getting to a park before it opens and staying until it closes at night. They will then get up the next morning and do it all over again at a different park. A Disney vacation is anything but relaxing, but there are ways to conserve ...

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8 Things Money Can’t Buy In Walt Disney World

Although it often seems like your money is flying out of your wallet and into the Mouse’s hands when you are at Walt Disney World, there are some items and experiences that money just can’t buy. Of course there is no price tag on staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite, or being the Family of the Day who gets to ...

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