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Top 9 Live Performances At Walt Disney World

Hoop Dee Doo

One of the things that Walt Disney World does so well (and that few other theme parks are able to replicate) is the immersion in a particular environment.  The Imagineers who designed each park and resort achieved this through the close attention to detail and the underlying story for each area.  But, all of the extras that go into it ...

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Top Ten Questions About the Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World

People often ask when is the best time to visit Walt Disney World. There is no real answer to that question, because there really isn’t one specific “best time” of year to head to Central Florida. You need to figure out what it is that you want for your vacation, and what you are willing to sacrifice. Smaller crowds might ...

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Top 10 Gift Shops At Walt Disney World

Sarah C Walt Disney World offers many different forms of entertainment for your vacation, and for some people shopping is a major form of entertainment.  Whether you are searching for the perfect souvenir to remember your vacation or hoping to buy something more substantial than a plush Mickey, Walt Disney World has an array of shopping locations from which to ...

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Top 10 Ways To Propose At Walt Disney World

Disney is all about romance. Sure, Walt Disney World may be one of the most popular family destinations on the planet, but it is also filled with fairy tales and happily ever afters. What better place to ask your special someone to share her life with you? There are countless places to propose, all of them as special as your ...

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8 Walt Disney World Behind-The-Scenes Adventures

Are you not only a Disney freak, but someone who wants to know the secrets behind the magic? Surely the Parks have hidden mysteries. Are you eager to expose them? I know I was. Although they are not very well known, there are quite a few opportunities to unlock the magic in the Parks.  I realize that the majority of ...

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Top 10 Question And Answers On Walt Disney World Discounts

Most people will look for discounts as soon as they start planning a Walt Disney World vacation. A trip to Central Florida is expensive, and you will want to get the most that you can for every dollar that you spend. Finding discounts can be tricky, but they are out there. These questions and answers are to help you to ...

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Top 10 Questions And Answers About Walt Disney World Rides

10. Will I get wet on this ride? You should assume if you get on a water ride, you will get wet. 9. Does this ride go upside down? There is only one ride that actually takes you upside down: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Expedition Everest does have a section of the ride where you are going backwards ...

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Top 10 Questions About Disney’s Magic Bands

Top 10 Questions about Disney’s Magic Bands   1.      What in the world is a Magic Band? A.     Magic Bands are part of Disney’s “Next Gen” initiative at Walt Disney World Resort to integrate all aspects of the guests experience in their “My Disney Experience” account.  The Magic Band is the physical part of this—an actual band that you wear ...

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Top 9 “Must Do” Things at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is thriving at this time! There is just as much to see and do as ever. There may be a few walls up and the paths might be a little bit crowded in places, but you’ll still want to spend some time at Disney Springs while you’re in Central Florida.   Coming up with a list of 9 things ...

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Top Ten Stylish Disney Villains


Top Ten Stylish Disney Villains Disney villains – they are evil – dastardly – wicked and wretched. But don’t you agree they do it all with style? It is in this spirit that I have been inspired to bring you our picks for the top 10 Stylish Disney Villains. We all know that Joan Rivers and the fashion police are ...

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