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From top 10 places to dine to a list of Disney’s most underrated attractions, this is where you’ll find the latest!

6 Coolest Shows At Walt Disney World

Watching the Vacation Planning DVD as we prepared for our Disney World trip, I remember the excitement building with each glimpse of the Tower of Terror or Pirates of the Caribbean and all the other great rides at Walt Disney World. But Disney has so much more to offer than coasters and boat rides. Some of the highest quality entertainment ...

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8 Ways To Stop Being So Grumpy At Walt Disney World

It happens to the best of us . . .we start off our vacation knowing we will be Happy, thinking we might act a little Dopey, end each day feeling Sleepy, and hoping we don’t get Sneezy and have to call a Doc. But, right when we least expect it Grumpy hits with a full on grouch fest. Lots of ...

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Top 10 Places To Get Your Sugar Fix In Walt Disney World

Speaking as a Disney addict who also has quite the sweet tooth, here are my favorite places I like to go to in order to get my sugar fix. Because remember, calories don’t count in the World of Disney! 10) Mouse Gear: This store could also be called a “Disney metropolis” when it comes to shopping in Walt Disney World, ...

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My Top 10 Favorite Walt Disney World Restaurants

A Walt Disney World vacation is about a lot of things, and food is among the top things that people obsess over—in a good way of course. There are many excellent choices for dining in Disney, so it is very, very hard to narrow down my favorite choices to 10, but my family does have several spots where we like ...

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7 Things You Simply Must Do At Epcot’s World Showcase

There is nothing I love more than spending an evening in the World Showcase: strolling around, enjoying the entertainment, shopping, eating and drinking, and watching Illuminations. It may be my favorite way to spend a Walt Disney World evening. I enjoy it in the daytime too, and I feel like there are so many things the World Showcase has to ...

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9 Perfect Places To Relax At Walt Disney World

As wonderful as Disney is, it can be quite overwhelming and sometimes downright exhausting. I think it’s important to not go crazy on vacation and end up not enjoying it. This is a list of some secret spots around Disney property that are great for taking it easy and relaxing during your trip.   9. China Pavilion Garden The China ...

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Top 9 Coolest Jobs At Walt Disney World!

Let’s be honest: any job at Disney would be cool. And every job in the Parks is extremely important, but I think some are just a little bit cooler than others. These are all jobs that I wouldn’t necessarily like to have, but think are amazing!   9. Scuba Guys in the Seas In the lobby of The Seas with ...

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My 8 Favorite Things About Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Although I freely admit that Hollywood Studios is not my favorite park, there are many things about the park that I really enjoy. I like the “feel” of the park, especially along Hollywood Boulevard where Old Hollywood reigns.   8. Crates I love the details around the Studios like the shipping crates that you find along the streets. Take a ...

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Top Behind The Scenes Looks At Walt Disney World

There are two types of Walt Disney World fans: those who don’t want to know anything about how it works because it might spoil the magic, and those who try every chance they get to peek behind the scenes to figure out how Disney creates the magic. I happen to fall in the second camp—I love to see how everything ...

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