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Top 7 Shortest Lines At Walt Disney World

Long lines are a common complaint when visiting Walt Disney World. One of the easiest way to reduce long waits is to make sure that you use the FastPass+, which if planned well can get you in a much quicker line to your favorite attractions. Just a few nights ago, I was able to wait a mere 5 minutes for ...

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Walt Disney World Rides You MUST Get a FastPass+ For

By Cassie Since the creation of FastPass+ this has been the top question of first-time park goers. Now, let’s look at the top choices for FP+! Here are the top three! *Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom- this is the newest Walt Disney World ride and the toughest FP+ selection to gain in Magic Kingdom. It is a ...

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How To Avoid These 7 Walt Disney World Vacation Mistakes

Art of Animation Lion King Rooms Simba 2

We have all made mistakes in planning vacations for a variety of reasons. While none of these will completely ruin your Walt Disney World vacation, if you avoid them, it will help to bring your vacation out of the arena of commonly made mistakes. The truly most common mistake is in doing absolutely no research at all before arriving at ...

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8 Reasons You Must Go To Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

I have attended several Hard Ticket events at Walt Disney World, but by far, this Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) is my absolute favorite. It is perfect for families to enjoy together. The party is offered as a separate Hard Ticket event on select nights in September and October with varying prices, the highest being Halloween night. If you purchase ...

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10 Annoying Things People Do at Walt Disney World

By: Alexandra Blazevich Walt Disney created his parks for people. His ideas were brought to life for our enjoyment, experience, and memory making. Even so, there are certain habits of park guests that others may find to be “annoying.” Here are a few park guidelines to follow in order to make your, and everyone else’s vacation fun and efficient. 10) ...

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10 Disney Characters You May Not Know Were Voiced By The Same Person

Did you know Disney has often used the same people to voice different characters in their movies? Why not? When you’ve got talent, use it! Check out our Top 10. 10. The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and Adult Flower from Bambi From innocent and shy to pretty darn crazy, both these characters were voiced by Sterling Holloway. Holloway also was the voice ...

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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Walt Disney World as a Family

By Cassie Walt Disney World is known as a Family Park, so why do so many families split up at the Parks? Children age 7 and older are permitted to travel through the parks on their own riding whatever they like. If a child is under the age of 7 they must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older. ...

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Top 10 Things To Do On A Short Trip To Walt Disney World

If you have time for a quick trip to Walt Disney World, take it! It is it worth it even if you can only come for a couple of days. My recommendations are based on a two day visit, which is the shortest that I would recommend. This plan assumes you will have two full days at the resort and ...

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