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7 False Facts About Walt Disney World and Cast Members

7. Cast Members are connected with ear pieces so they all know everything that is going on in the whole park at all times They are human, and the average Cast Member does not know what is going on at other attractions and certainly not the whole resort area. They are not all connected with ear pieces either. They can ...

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Top 10 Little Known Facts About Soarin’ at Walt Disney World

Every Walt Disney World attraction is built around a story and every part of the experience must keep that story alive and not detract from that story. The “story” for Soarin’ is that you are joining in on a hang gliding experience that takes you on a journey around the world. 10. Soarin’ first appeared in 2001 in Disney’s California Adventure ...

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7 Reasons Why I Want To Work At Walt Disney World

Of all the job options Walt Disney World has to offer, I believe there is something to fit everyone. Entertainment, culinary, and corporate careers are just three branches the world of Disney has to offer. Cast members run the show. They are the ones who transform your theme park vacation into an experience. Who wouldn’t want to be a cast ...

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Top 5 Walt Disney World Treats You Must Try

Sometimes I feel like I could spend my entire Disney vacation hopping from one snack location to another trying all of the treats that the World has to offer. Of course, there are no calories at Disney and all of that walking makes it perfectly okay to indulge your sweet tooth! Seriously, there are some tasty treats, and some of ...

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Five Ways to Personalize Your Magic Band

Magic Bands are all the rage in Walt Disney World fashion. These convenient little devices are included with on-site guests’ packages or can be purchased once you arrive if you are staying off-site. Disney allows some degree of customization, allowing you to choose from 7 colors and adding the name of your choice to the back. While this is great, ...

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Top 7 Places to Get Coffee in WDW

By Molly Elias I’ll be honest: I am in a very serious relationship with coffee. It’s probably a bit unhealthy, but I choose to overlook that… This list has seven of my favorite places to grab a great cup of joe in the Parks. There may be more that I haven’t explored yet, but I am confident that I will ...

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7 Facts You May Not Know About Main Street U.S.A. In Walt Disney World

Main Street U.S.A. was Walt’s way to recreate his beloved home town, Marceline, Missouri. The Disney family moved there when Walt was only four years old, and they only stayed there for four years before moving again, but it became the perfect home town in Walt’s mind and he carried those fond memories of Marceline with him throughout the rest ...

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7 Awesome Tips For A Last Minute Trip To Walt Disney World

Tree of Life

Sometimes there are moments in life when Disney is calling, and we simply must go. With no time to plan, no countdown calendar, and no idea what to do when you get there, here are seven awesome tips to make your last minute trip to Walt Disney World absolutely magical.   7. Reservations Call to make last minute resort and dining ...

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The Best Advice Disney Ever Gave

There are many inspirational quotes, songs and moments in all things Disney, especially the movies. You will find a lot of good advice to consider for your own life and words to live by. Here are my favorite words of wisdom from Disney.   10. “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” ...

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Top 12 Facts About Cinderella Castle At Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle is the cause of many shouts of joy as it is spotted from the Ferry Boat in the mornings by first time visitors at Walt Disney World. As the boat gets closer and closer the excitement on faces, both young and old, grows. This is why Walt wanted the Transportation and Ticket Center to exist. He wanted a ...

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