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From top 10 places to dine to a list of Disney’s most underrated attractions, this is where you’ll find the latest!

My 8 Favorite Things About Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Although I freely admit that Hollywood Studios is not my favorite park, there are many things about the park that I really enjoy. I like the “feel” of the park, especially along Hollywood Boulevard where Old Hollywood reigns.   8. Crates I love the details around the Studios like the shipping crates that you find along the streets. Take a ...

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Top Behind The Scenes Looks At Walt Disney World

There are two types of Walt Disney World fans: those who don’t want to know anything about how it works because it might spoil the magic, and those who try every chance they get to peek behind the scenes to figure out how Disney creates the magic. I happen to fall in the second camp—I love to see how everything ...

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12 Money Saving Walt Disney World Dining Tips

Like any location where you are a captive audience (a movie theater, concert, ballpark, zoo, etc.), food in Walt Disney World can be an expensive proposition. I do have a few tips for you that will help you save money when eating on your Disney vacation. Please note that these tips don’t necessarily apply if you are using the Disney ...

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Top 10 Things Boys Love At Walt Disney World

As a mother of three boys I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on boy minds and personalities. We’ve experienced Disney through the eyes of boys from ages 7 months up to 18 years old and counting. To come up with the Top 10 things boys love about Walt Disney World I’m calling on my own experience, as well ...

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Ten Ways to Save for a Disney Vacation

Let’s face it, a Disney vacation is certainly not cheap. If you go online, you’ll find a myriad of suggestions as to how you can visit a Disney park on the cheap. However, no matter the cost of your Disney vacation, you still have to pay for it. The earlier you begin saving, the sooner you can go! So start ...

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9 Free Things At Walt Disney World

Free and Disney may not seem synonymous to you, but there are actually some really cool things to do for free here at Walt Disney World. I am all for things that save me money and give me a bit of Disney at the same time. I hope that you can incorporate some of these guest favorites form our list ...

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Top 6 Walt Disney World Bakeries & Treats

Walt Disney World is decidedly NOT the place to begin a diet. There are so many amazing bakery treats to enjoy there is no time for counting calories. Plus, I’ve heard calories don’t exist at WDW! Seriously, I figure with the miles of walking I do on a Disney vacation I can afford to cater to my sweet tooth every ...

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Top Ten Things That I Would Like to See in a Star Wars Themed Land

Rumors about changes to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort are not uncommon. One rumor that is currently circulating in both California and Florida is that there will eventually be a Star Wars themed land. The prevailing rumor at the moment is that the new area will be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The rumor was given more fuel when ...

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