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10 Hard to Find Characters at Walt Disney World

By Cassie Finding the characters you want to get a picture with, or perhaps an autograph from, can make your Disney World vacation an extra special experience. Below is a list of the hardest characters to find in a meet and greet situation. You will find the Disney characters very welcoming and worth waiting in line for. Check the official ...

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8 Signs That You’re Obsessed with Walt Disney World

Let’s face it: we all obsess over one thing or another. But, if you’re reading this, Disney World is probably one of those obsessions. When reading through this list you’ll find yourself guilty of at least one Disney obsessions. 1) You dream about Disney: “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep.” Cinderella definitely knew what ...

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6 Things That Happen Immediately When I Get To Walt Disney World

Guests have different approaches when they hit one of the Walt Disney World theme parks. Some people like to sleep in and stop by refreshed near noon. They will often stay until the park of choice closes. Others will arrive early, because that’s when the crowds are the lightest. They may also leave early, or they could stay the entire ...

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7 Reasons Why Leaving Walt Disney World for Food Is a Bad Idea

Since a Walt Disney World vacation is expensive, many guests look for ways to cut costs. One thing that some people do is to leave the parks in search of a cheaper meal. While leaving for a couple of hours might save you a few dollars, it will cost you in other areas. Here are seven reasons why you won’t ...

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9 Decadent Snack Foods at the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is one of the best places to snack at the Walt Disney World Resort. While foodies might be more inclined to head to Epcot for some more unique offerings, I really enjoy the classic Disney park offerings available at the Magic Kingdom. If your snack cravings are nostalgic and just thinking about them sends your mind to ...

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Top 7 Awesome Hidden Gems At Animal Kingdom

7. Wilderness Explorer Program This program allows guests of all ages to join the Wilderness Explorers, and follow in the steps of Russell from the hit Disney movie, Up! This program takes guests on an interactive journey through the entire park to complete challenges and learn about things like animal life, conservation, fossils, out of this world plants in Pandora, ...

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Top 49 Free Things to Do at Disney

Not everything at Walt Disney World requires that you spend an arm and a leg – in fact, there are many free activities in the Happiest Place on Earth. Here our Top 49 Free Things to do at Walt Disney World: 49. Walk Yes, this seems pretty obvious. But taking the time to walk around your WDW resort and just take ...

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