Disney Foodies

Calling all Disney Foodies! It’s time to talk food, beverages, restaurants, and more at Walt Disney World Resort.

5 Reasons Why We Love Full Service Dining At Walt Disney World

Foodies love Walt Disney World because there are so many diverse options. That does not mean you should skip the full service restaurants if you do not consider yourself a foodie. Your meals should be an important part of your Walt Disney World vacation. Take some time to research the restaurants, and then make a few reservations! You can book ...

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8 Things To Know About Snacks At Walt Disney World

mickey ice cream

Snacks are an integral part of a Walt Disney World experience! You can’t go on a Disney vacation and not enjoy any snacks! The only downside to snacks is that there’s so many to choose from, you can’t enjoy them all! 8. Share Snacks Some of the snacks at Walt Disney World are gigantic (I’m looking at you, Cinnamon Roll)! ...

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Disney Dining Review Biergarten: Mahlzeit!

By Sarah Chapman   Honestly, Biergarten has never been on my list of restaurants to try in the World Showcase.  Sausages aren’t that appealing to me, and sharing a table with strangers was way too much for my shy demeanor to handle.  Even at Walt Disney World. I am happy to say that I was wrong on almost every count ...

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Top 6 Reasons Why We Love Dining At Disney Springs

There is a lot to do at Disney Springs. There is plenty of shopping, you can catch a movie, enjoy live entertainment, see Walt Disney World from 400 feet in the air, and much more. Arguably the best reason to visit Disney Springs, though, is the food. Here are six of the many reasons why we love dining at Disney ...

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Top 6 Reasons We Love Dining in Magic Kingdom

Rides and attractions aren’t the only places to have fun at Walt Disney World, in fact some of your best park experiences and favorite memories could very well come from dining in Disney. The restaurants at Disney World are destinations in themselves, with some of the best theming and the most delicious food. There are amazing restaurants all over Walt ...

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Top 6 Reasons Why We Love Dining at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has something for everyone. There are fantastic shows, live animals, games, characters, family rides, and some incredible thrills. With Pandora – The World of AVATAR opening in 2017 there will soon be even more to see and do. When it comes to dining, the park has something for everyone as well. Here are the top six reasons ...

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Disney Dining Review Blaze Pizza

One of the things I love about Disney Springs is the amount of dining experiences with varied menus and costs. While it is not exclusive to Disney Springs, you will find Blaze Pizza franchises across the US, it is a great option for your vacation, especially if you are looking for a good meal with wholesome ingredients at a great ...

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5 Reasons We Love Be Our Guest Restaurant At Walt Disney World

As one of many, many people who just couldn’t wait for Be Our Guest Restaurant to open, I suspected even before dining there that this restaurant would become a favorite of mine. And I was certainly not wrong! There are simply no other restaurants in Magic Kingdom – and few, if any, on property at all, in our opinion – ...

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Disney Dining Review of Art Smith’s Homecoming in Disney Springs

I love that Disney Springs is evolving with a vibrant dining scene filled with “celebrity” chefs preparing specialty menus—and Art Smith’s Homecoming is no exception. Art Smith was a college program Cast Member for Walt Disney World and is the first one to return and open his own restaurant—something that he and the restaurant pride themselves on. In between that ...

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