Disney Foodies

Calling all Disney Foodies! It’s time to talk food, beverages, restaurants, and more at Walt Disney World Resort.

Top 10 Things To See, Do, & Eat At EPCOT

Epcot is home to some of the most incredible experiences for guests to enjoy on a Walt Disney World vacation. With a unique combination of attractions, dining, entertainment, shopping, and more throughout both Future World and World Showcase, there are countless experiences that are totally unforgettable in Epcot. With so many things to enjoy on a day in the Disney ...

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Worst Quick Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World

Disney does so many things well that it can often be challenging to pinpoint areas in need of improvement.  However, the kingdom that started with a mouse is not infallible, as demonstrated by the following eight quick service restaurants, which find themselves on this dubious list for a variety of reasons that we’ll explore below.    1. ABC Commissary – ...

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10 Best Places to Have Breakfast at Walt Disney World

When you’re on vacation at Walt Disney World, pretty much anything counts as breakfast.  After all, a Dole Whip tastes just as amazing as the first meal of the day as it does as a snack!  And like everything else at WDW, your breakfast options here are almost limitless.  So, while we’d never say no to starting a day with ...

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The My Disney Experience App Will Soon Be More Important Than Ever

Because of Coronavirus, we are quickly becoming a touchless society. The fewer things that we touch daily, the better. We have been instructed to keep six feet away from others, if at all possible. Apps on your cell phone have become more important than ever. The My Disney Experience App was designed to make your Walt Disney World experience a ...

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Best Experiences for People Who Don’t Think That They Like Disney

If you’re reading this, you are probably a Disney fan. Believe it or not, some people do not understand the magic. They don’t care to spin in a teacup, they aren’t interested in whether or not Nemo makes it home, and they think that the characters are (gasp) people in costumes. What do you do about people like that, especially ...

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My Perfect Four-Park Challenge Day at Walt Disney World

four parks disney world

There are several versions of the four-park challenge. It’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I live just a few minutes from Walt Disney World, and I admit that I haven’t done a four-park challenge in quite a while. For the virtual version of the challenge that I’ve been dreaming of, it would include one ride or ...

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10 Things We Miss the Most About Walt Disney World

This was a hard list to come up with. We could name 1,000 things that we miss about Walt Disney World, and the list still would not be complete. That said, we tried to cover a little bit of everything here. What would you add to the list? Feel free to add what you are missing the most in the ...

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8 Things You’ll Love About Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Walt Disney World

If you’re looking for some family fun outside the parks at Walt Disney World, look no further than the Beaches and Cream Soda Shop along the Boardwalk in the Epcot Resort Area of the property. Old-fashioned nostalgic décor meets Disney magic for an experience you’re sure to love! (It’s a soda shop—what’s not to love?!) Here are 8 things we ...

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Top 10 Experiences for First Timers at Walt Disney World

A first visit to Walt Disney World is one of the most magical vacations one can take. There is so much magic to take in from new rides, foods and shows that it can also be the most overwhelming vacation one plans for.  We are here to breakdown the top ten experiences for first timers at Walt Disney World. Take a look. ...

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