Disney Foodies

Calling all Disney Foodies! It’s time to talk food, beverages, restaurants, and more at Walt Disney World Resort.

8 Best Hot Dogs You’ll Find at Walt Disney World

A primary concern of many guests who travel to Walt Disney World is that the only food options found on property are stereotypical theme park foods such as hamburgers and chicken nuggets. While there are some locations that serve up the delicious classics, there are also hundreds of other dining locations that serve everything from signature dining meals and steakhouse ...

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Getting Your Villain Fix at Walt Disney World

No matter who you are, where you live or how old you are, if you’re a Disney fan, you probably have a favorite Disney character. Maybe it’s one of the Disney princesses. Or maybe it’s one of the many animal sidekicks from a Disney movie. With Disney, it could be anything from a fish to a monster to an emotion ...

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8 Best French Fries in Walt Disney World

Sometimes you just need to give in to the junk food craving.  And I think when you are touring around theme parks like Walt Disney World all day that craving can hit you pretty hard.  Luckily you can find lots of yummy options to satisfy, including a whole slew of delicious French Fry options.  Here are my 8 favorite dishes ...

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10 Best Meals for a Gluten-Free Diet at Walt Disney World

If you’ve never been to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, you may be surprised to discover that anyone can visit the parks and have a great time—even those with food allergies and sensitivities. Disney World chefs are great at catering to a wide-range of food allergies including wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, soy, dairy and more. But ...

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9 Best Pizzas At Walt Disney World

A highlight for many people on vacation is being able to justify indulging in food and beverage choices that one might not necessary enjoy at home. Walt Disney World is the absolutely perfect place to partake in indulgence as there are hundreds of dining locations that offer up everything from counter service snacks to full service meals. While many guests ...

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Getting Your Mickey Mouse Fix at Walt Disney World

“Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Mickey Mouse!” Everyone loves Mickey! Disney is in no short supply of the mouse, that’s for sure. Here are ten ways to get your Mickey Mouse Fix at WDW! 1. Mickey Bar Mickey Bars are the ultimate Disney treat, in my not so humble opinion. You ...

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8 Things You’ll Love About Nine Dragons at Walt Disney World

There’s more to discover in Walt Disney World’s Epcot than you could do in one vacation.  We love returning over and over again to find new secrets and try new experiences.  And one of the dining experiences we enjoyed discovering is Nine Dragons Restaurant, located in the stunning Chinese pavilion in the World Showcase.  If you haven’t tried this restaurant, ...

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10 Best Desserts at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Let’s face it, one of the best things about visiting Disney World is trying all of the amazing dessert options. From ice cream to baked goods, there is a whole world of sweet treats on Disney property, and a vacation is the perfect excuse to try as many as humanly possible. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly where to find ...

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