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Iconic Disney Castle Shows Signs of Deterioration: “The Longer They Wait, the Worse It Gets”

disneyland paris castle damage

Recently, photos depicted Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris showing notable wear and tear, and fans are distinctly unhappy. A Disney Park visit is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many fans. From enjoying rides and attractions like Space Mountain at the Disney Parks to immersing oneself in the amazing lands like Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park and abroad at ...

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Despite $8.5 BILLION Merger, Disney’s Streaming Will Take a Hit

disney reliance merger streaming

The Walt Disney Company and Reliance Industries Ltd. are about to enter a historic merger worth $8.5 billion, but somehow, Disney’s streaming business will still suffer a hit. The Walt Disney Company has become one of the most culturally significant entertainment companies in the world, and it didn’t get here by accident. Through many strategic maneuvers over the years, along with ...

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Critics Call Out “Woke” Disney for Proposal Fail

disneyland paris proposal fail

The old Disneyland Paris proposal fail resurfaced again online, and critics who were seeing it for the first time had some interesting things to say. The Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks have seen their fair share of criticism over the last few years, particularly when it comes to the Mouse House being too woke. From complaints about Disney’s ...

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Disney Park Building Its Second Princess Castle, Opening in 2024

disney parks castle

One Disney Park is constructing its second princess castle, and guests will finally be able to experience the new royal abode in June 2024. Related: Cinderella Castle is a Lovely, Lovely Liar Disney Loves Castles Everybody loves Disney castles, and Disney Parks around the world are known for the beautiful castles that stand as beacons, welcoming guests to enter and ...

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Fans Shocked By “Inexcusable” Appearance of Disney Castle

Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland Paris Castle, also known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle, stands as a majestic centerpiece at the heart of Disneyland Paris Resort. This iconic castle is not just a symbol of fantasy and magic but also serves as a gateway to the imagination for visitors of all ages. As you approach the castle, you can’t help but be mesmerized ...

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Guest Shocked When Disney Says No Proposals Allowed!

Shanghai Disneyland No Proposals Allowed

For many Disney adults, one of their biggest dreams is to take a magical Disney vacation with their significant other. While at one of Disney’s incredible theme parks, the love of their life gets down on one knee and proposes. It is a dream that is actually a regular occurrence at many of the theme parks. Disney World even offers ...

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Disney Guests Arrested After Detonating Smoke Bomb as Part of Gender Reveal

Disneyland Paris

It’s no secret that the past several months have been full of many instances showcasing bad Disney guest behavior. Bad Disney guest behavior is an unfortunate occurrence that can sometimes tarnish the otherwise magical experience at Disney parks. While the majority of Disney vacation visitors adhere to the park’s rules and guidelines and embrace the spirit of fun and positivity, ...

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Space Mountain Ride to Close Through 2027, But the Entirely New Experience Will Be Worth the Wait

tokyo disney space mountain

The upcoming closure of the Space Mountain attraction extends through 2027–more than three years from now–but the end result will be well worth the wait, as the ride’s complete overhaul will also extend to the Tomorrowland Plaza. In 2022, Disney Parks first announced the planned closure and reimagining of the Space Mountain attraction at one of Disney’s international parks. Having ...

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Iconic Disney Location To Be Torn Down After Three Decades

Disneyland Paris D-Light

Disney fans are saying goodbye to an iconic Disneyland Paris location. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California; Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando; Disneyland Paris in France; Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, Japan; Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disney Resort are all Disney locations worldwide for theme park fans to enjoy. Each Disney location is similar but also offers different attractions and events ...

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