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The Results Are In: Disney Is Changing Its Classic Attractions, and Fans Are NOT Happy

content creator disney confused man on the right, confused woman on the left, disneyland paris sleeping beauty castle in the background

Whether you prefer Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, if you’re a fan of Disney theme parks, you undoubtedly have a favorite ride. RELATED: Disney World Makes Changes to Attraction, Just Weeks Before Opening If you sat for a few minutes and took a moment to imagine the experience, would you be able to visualize your favorite Disney experience from ...

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Demolition Underway at Disney’s Space Mountain Attraction

Space mountain closure tokyo

The work continues on the transformation of this iconic attraction. Of the many Disney rides that have entertained Guests for centuries, Space Mountain is known as one of the most iconic. All over the world, Space Mountain has become a symbol for the Disney theme parks. Its iconic exterior and thrilling interior have stayed in the public’s favor for decades. ...

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Crowds Form as Fans Say a Tearful Goodbye to Beloved Disney Attraction

Disneyland Paris

This year has been a transformational one for the Walt Disney Company and its theme parks. All across the globe, Disney theme parks are continuing to innovate and integrate new attractions and offers for Guests. This year has brought new lands, restaurants, attractions, characters, and entertainment offerings to the Parks worldwide. Fans are constantly reminded of the commitment Disney has ...

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Walt Disney Company Quietly Makes Changes to Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction, Guests Disappointed and Disgusted

disneyland paris pirates of the caribbean attraction in the background, donald duck covering his mouth in shock, "spoiler alert" sign

Walt Disney loved the idea of progress. So much so that he created entire attractions and theme park areas dedicated entirely to the concept (Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress and Tomorrowland). It comes as no surprise to hear that the Walt Disney Company has implemented this love of improvement into its work culture and is constantly pushing the boundaries of ...

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Guests Watch as Disney Castle is Devoured By Flames

disneyland paris sleeping beauty castle in flames

It has all the makings of a terrible nightmare–the visage of a Disney castle being overtaken by the flames of a raging fire. But that’s exactly what guests recently witnessed while visiting one of the Happiest Places on Earth. Cinderella Castle and Sleeping Beauty Castle are among the most beloved icons within the Disney empire, and across Disney’s theme parks, ...

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Warning: Entire Disney Park Closing Early This Week

tokyo disney sea and warning sign

An entire Disney park will close its gates early this week, and guests with tickets to visit the park need to be aware of the change in park operating hours. RELATED: Disney Park Shuts Down Entirely for One Billionaire Businessman Inside the Disney kingdom of fandom, there are several things that can turn your “best day ever” into the “worst ...

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Disney is Officially Headed to Nebraska

Disney is Officially Headed to Nebraska

The Walt Disney Company and its many forms of entertainment are a globally recognizable brand. Disney’s reach to the four corners of our planet is unmatched, making Mickey one of the most iconic characters to ever grace the screen. The entertainment company’s resume includes more than film and television, however. As you know, Disney is much more, maintaining beautifully crafted ...

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“Rotten Corpse” Theme Park Experience RUINS Guest’s Perception of Disney

mickey mouse in black and white in front of disneyland castle, belle looking shocked and frightened

Although the Disney Parks are known for being the “Happiest Place on Earth” or the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” things aren’t always perfect. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true: not every Disney day can be perfect. Things can, and often will, go wrong. Things Go Wrong at Disney Theme Parks All the Time! RELATED: Scary Disney Accident Leaves “Children Crying and ...

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