Dining at Walt Disney World ® - The Definitive Guide

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Dining at Walt Disney World ® should be a magical experience, but when choosing from over 300 on property dining choices, it can be overwhelming. That is why “Dining at Walt Disney World ® – The Definitive Guide “ was created

Inside these pages you will find in-depth advice including:

  • Detailed descriptions of every Disney dining venue
  • Understanding and receiving the best value from the Disney Dining Plan
  • How to snag hard-to-get dining reservations
  • Saving time and money while dining
  • What are the “must do ” character meals?
  • Disney Dining.com exclusive Picks and Tips

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When it comes to a vacation to Walt Disney World in the summer, you need to be prepared for the heat.  We have the top ways to beat the heat this summer when you head down to Walt Disney World.


1. Prepare Ahead of Time

Before heading down to Walt Disney World and the summer heat, you want to make sure you prepare ahead of time.  This means making sure you pack the right items to help you beat the heat.  When looking at clothing, make sure you have light, comfortable clothes that breathe easily.  Don’t pack lots of dark, cotton shirts as you will quickly regret that choice.

Bring cooling times such
as a portable fan or cooling rags.  Although they might not look the
coolest, they will definitely help you feel cooler.  Umbrellas are also
great for blocking out the sun.  When waiting outside in a long queue like
Slinky Dog Dash, there isn’t a lot of shade.  Having your own umbrella can
really help block those harsh sun rays.

Finally, consider
purchasing hydration packets.  It is super hard to stay hydrated right now
with the regulations regarding eating and drinking in the parks.  Bringing
some hydration packets can help you stay hydrated on those super-hot days.

Photo Credit: Disney

2. Take Breaks

One of the major keys to beating the heat in the summer months is to take breaks.  This can be super hard to do when you have spent so much time, energy and money on the trip; however, investing in some breaktime will pay off in the end.  Allow yourself to head back to the resort during the heat of the day.  Cool off, take a shower and relax in the air conditioning.  It is amazing what it will do for everyone’s spirits.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort


3. Relaxation Areas

If you don’t want to head back to the resort, then we highly recommend looking into the variety of relaxation stations in each park.  These areas are designated areas that allow you to relax and take a mask break. During the heat of the day, allowing some time for a mask break is extremely important.  Find these areas and take some down time to help yourself rejuvenate.

Relaxation Station

4. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important during a trip to Walt Disney World, but the heat of the summer makes it even more important.  Remember all quick service locations will have free ice water.  Take advantage of this freebee and keep yourself hydrated.  As you can’t walk around and eat and drink, schedule some specific time to get a snack and drink water.  This might seem silly or tedious, but it will be key to keep everything hydrated.

Galaxy's Edge Bottled Water

5. Use the Pool

A great part of the summer heat is that it is a fantastic time to take advantage of Disney’s amazing resort pools.  Beat the heat in the afternoon by enjoying the resort pool.  Cool off, have a drink or snack and enjoy some time cooling down in one of Walt Disney’s amazing pools.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Pool

6. Jump to Air Conditioning

Another great way to beat the heat in the summer is to hop from air conditioning to air conditioning spot.  To help make sure you aren’t outside the whole time you are in the parks, schedule in time to visit those rides, attractions and shows that are inside.  In Magic Kingdom, check out the Enchanted Tiki Room or Country Bear Jamboree.  In Epcot, see one of the films in China, Canada, America or France.  These are ways to get out of the heat without having to leave the parks or stop experiencing attractions.

Country Bear Jamboree

7. Schedule a Meal

If you are looking for a delicious way to get out of the heat, book some dining options.  Disney has some great table service options throughout all four parks.  Book a meal for lunch or supper to allow yourself to get out of the heat and refuel your body.  Even though you can grab some quick food options and find a shady place to eat, having a scheduled break in the air conditioning is a smart way to beat the heat.

These are a few of our
tips for beating the summer heat at Walt Disney World.  We hope they will
help you have a fantastic time during your vacation this summer.

- Top Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer at Walt Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the hottest park pass right now as guests are hoping to experience Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.  If you are headed to this popular park, we have ten tips and tricks for having the best day ever.


1. Make Dining Reservations

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a variety of table-service restaurants and one even offers character dining.  A tip to having the best day ever at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is to schedule either a breakfast with the Disney Jr. crew or evening meal with Minnie and friends at Hollywood and Vine.  Reservations are available to be made 60 days prior to check in and with limited capacity, it is key to make these prior to heading down.  By making a dining reservation, you can ensure that your travel party will be fueled and rested and ready for more magic.

Credit: Disney

2. Get up early for Rise of the Resistance

A key to having the best day ever at Disney’s Hollywood Studios starts before the park even opens. At 7 am EST, guests with park passes for Disney’s Hollywood Studios can try to get a boarding group for the most popular ride in Disney- Rise of the Resistance.  There are many tips, tricks and suggestions when it comes to getting this pass, but a few we have found that work well are:

  1. Turn off the Disney WiFi.
  2. Use a clock (we like the atomic clock) that can countdown the seconds.
  3. Make sure everyone is loaded into My Disney Experience prior to this day.

These are just a few tips and tricks we have found extremely helpful.  Being prepared for this boarding pass drop is key to starting off your Hollywood Studios day in the best way possible.

Credit: Disney

3. Get to the Park Early

The next tip we have for having a great day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is to get to the park prior to park opening.  Hollywood Studios has been opening typically around 9 am so we recommend being through the security and touch points by 8:30 (or a half hour before official opening).  By doing this you are ahead of the crowd and can start getting rides going as soon as they begin running (sometimes prior to the posted opening time).  Starting off ahead of the majority of people is a nice way to start a day at Hollywood Studios.


4. Hit Up Sunset Boulevard

Although Mickey and Minnie’s is the newest ride in Hollywood Studios, we suggest hitting up Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster in the morning.  These rides seem to be having the longest wait times as the day progresses so getting to check them off early is a good trick while many will be at Mickey and Minnie’s.

5. Ride Slinky Dog Dash Early or Late

Besides Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster, Slinky Dog Dash will have the longest wait time throughout the day.  A trick here is to ride right at the park opening or wait until the very end of the day when little ones have already headed out to bed.  Remember, you can get in line up until park closing and seeing Galaxy’s Edge from Slinky Dog at night is spectacular.

6. Schedule Lunch Early

To help with distancing and keeping everyone safe, Disney is requiring guests to use mobile ordering through the My Disney Experience app.  In order to have the best day at Hollywood Studios, you will want to schedule your meals early in the morning to ensure you get the time slots you want for lunch and supper.  Places like Ronto Roasters and Woody’s Lunch Box see time slots fill up early in the day leaving guests having to wait sometimes up to three hours to grab food.  If you have your heart set on those tots from Woody’s or the wrap from Batuu, snag those mobile ordering slots early.  You can always cancel if you change your mind.

Photo Credit: Disney

7. Take time to enjoy the themed lands

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has two of the most themed lands in Walt Disney World.  Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge both immerse the park guests into the movies.  To have the best day ever, you will want to slow down and truly take in all the small details of these lands.  Take time to notice the unique use of toys throughout Andy’s backyard and make sure to look for the giant footprints on the pavement.  In Batuu, take in the sights and sounds of the land.  Don’t be surprised when it sounds like ships are landing nearby or when a ship is being worked on by a crew member.  These small details can be missed if you are rushing, so slow down and enjoy.

8. Visit the Lands at Night

Along this same line, for the best experience in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you are going to want to visit the lands at night.  Galaxy’s Edge is a totally different experience in the evenings with the lights and sounds of Batuu coming alive.  In Toy Story Land, it is fun to see the Christmas lights illuminate the land and a ride on Slinky Dog Dash at night allows you to see the park under the evening glow.

9. Visit A Lounge

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some amazing lounges throughout the park.  For the best day, take time to stop and enjoy one of these experiences.   Baseline Tap House and Brown Derby Lounge are great options for adults who want to get off their feet and enjoy a beverage while taking in the sites of the park.  For a truly amazing day in Disney’s Hollywood Studios a stop at a lounge is a must.

10. Don’t Rush and Be Flexible

In order to have the best day ever at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you will want to make sure you are flexible with your plan and willing to slow down.  It can be easy to get stuck rushing from ride to ride especially in Hollywood Studios where there are so many E ticket attractions, but in order to have a great day you will want to make sure you slow down to enjoy it.  Along with slowing down is being flexible.  It is a good idea to have a general plan as you head to the park, but be willing to adjust or even throw it out if need be.  If you are so worried about “the plan”, you won’t be able to enjoy what is happening around you.

Disney’s Hollywood
Studios is the hottest park in Walt Disney World.  We hope that these ten
tips and tricks will help you have the best day ever when you next visit
Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

- 10 Tips & Tricks to Enjoy the Best Day Ever at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Spring is always one of the best times of year to visit Walt Disney World. The cold (by Florida standards) days are behind us. There are flowers and signs of new life everywhere! The days are longer, but the summer crowds have not yet arrived. Here are the top ten reasons why you need to drop everything and head immediately to Walt Disney World without giving it a second thought.


10) Quarantine Orders Have Been Lifted in Several States

Before you make your plans, check to see what the quarantine orders are for the state that you live in. That said, many states are lifting the mandatory quarantine requirements when traveling. While you still need to be careful (and probably should have a COVID-19 test when you return home) right now it is easier to travel than it has been in the past 12 months.

Credit: Disney

9) Flight Deals

Speaking of the journey, the airlines are trying hard to recoup some of their losses from 2020. That means that they are offering deals! Airlines are trying to regain your trust, and that means you might be able to find a fantastic last minute deal. It’s been proven that it’s safe to travel by plane as long as everyone follows the rules, so don’t discount flying right now. Instead, take advantage of the low prices.

8) Beat the Summer Weather

The summer weather is brutal in Florida. The temperature is hot, and the humidity makes it even hotter. During the summer there are strong storms on most afternoons. They only last a little while, but why take that chance? The Rainy Season hasn’t arrived quite yet, but it will be here soon. You should probably head to Walt Disney World now to avoid it. That said, you should still pack a poncho, just in case.


7) Anniversary Crowds Are Coming

Early October is usually a good time to visit, but this year is going to be different. On October 1, Walt Disney World will celebrate its Golden Anniversary! That is also the day that Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will open at EPCOT. The theme parks are going to be packed, even if capacity is raised. The party will be called the World’s Most Magical Celebration, and it is expected to last about 18 months. That means that if you want to experience pre-Anniversary and non-summer crowds, right now is the best time to do it.

6) Disney MagicMobile

Disney MagicMobile is a brand new way to experience Walt Disney World, and it’s as close as your smart phone or watch. Free MagicBands for resort stays are a thing of the past, but you don’t need one with Disney MagicMobile! It’s currently available only for Apple devices, but the rollout should continue soon. If you love the latest technology you know that you want to try this out in person. If you love MagicBands, don’t worry. They aren’t going away. You might want to visit right now so that you can pick up a few new ones.

Credit: Disney

5) Earth Month Treats

Walt Disney World had some delicious treats planned for Earth Day last year, but then everything shut down. Earth Day is April 22, but in 2021 the celebration runs for more than just one day. You can order such delectable items as Sea Turtle Cupcake and Lion’s Fury. Many of the goodies are sold at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but you’ll find Earth Month treats at EPCOT as well as some resorts. The Earth Day Bee Hive Cake should be enough of a reason to head to Walt Disney World immediately, it’s sold only April 6-22.

Earth Day Bee Hive Cake at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa (Credit: Disney)

4) Surprise Characters

know that we love the Character Cavalcades at the four Walt Disney World theme
parks. What we might love just as much are the “random” characters that have
been popping up lately. You might see Chip ‘n’ Dale having a picnic at Disney’s
Hollywood Studios, or you could catch Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom at EPCOT.
There have even been some extra sightings at the resorts! Seeing an extra
character reminds us of how things used to be, back when characters roamed the
theme parks more freely. There is something exciting about suddenly noticing a
character that wasn’t there just a minute earlier.

3) You Need a Break

No one will argue that 2020 was a difficult year, and that 2021 has already had its own challenges. Everyone has been under more stress than we thought possible. You need a break, and what better place to escape the “real” world than Walt Disney World?

Credit: Disney

2) Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Blizzard Beach Water Park did not reopen when the theme parks did. In fact, it
has only been open again for a few weeks. Even if you have been back to Walt
Disney World since July you probably have not yet braved Summit Plummet again. Capacity
at Blizzard Beach is limited, but crowds so far have been fairly low. Once the
hot weather hits, that will no longer be the case. The temperature right now is
perfect for Blizzard Beach, so you need to stop putting it off.

1) Taste of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

While the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is modified this year, it is still so much fun! There are plenty of topiaries, gardens, and the Butterfly House. The Outdoor Kitchens sell so many delicious items that you won’t know where to start! The Orange Bird and Spike the Bee are both well represented. There are no Garden Rocks concerts this year, but local artists are featured for your entertainment. The Taste of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is as beautiful as ever. You don’t want to miss it, so make your plans now. You have a little bit of time for this one, but July 5 will be here before you know it.   

Credit: Disney

- Top Ten Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World RIGHT NOW! Spring 2021 Edition

October 1 will be the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. It will be a double anniversary. The Magic Kingdom opened on October 1, 1971, and EPCOT opened on October 1, 1982. We have already learned little bits and pieces of what will be known as the World’s Most Magical Celebration, but of course there will be more.


We were able to
speak with someone with inside information, on the promise of anonymity. We met
him at the Magic Kingdom. He asked to be called “Roy”, as in Roy Disney. Roy
told us that he has been a Cast Member somewhere between six months and thirty
years. He assured us that he is high up in the Imagineering Department,
although after our conversation we did seeing him wearing all white and
carrying a dustpan and broom. Roy explained that by telling us that he was
undercover. He also said that it doesn’t matter what department he works in,
Cast Members know everything. Here is what we learned from Roy.

There are going to be special Character Cavalcades at the Magic Kingdom during the year+ long celebration. The current cavalcades are being placed on hold, so no more Mickey and pals or princesses. Instead, we will be treated to what could be called the Lesser Knowns Cavalcades (it’s a working title). There will be a “Monsters, Inc.” Cavalcade that features Boo’s parents, and explores why they never looked for her when she was gone for at least one night. Snow White might be gone, but her story will still be included. A new float will feature the nephew of the Huntsman (or the Woodcutter, if you’re a fan of “Once Upon a Time”). He’ll be riding on Tinkerbell’s float, since they already know that that one works most of the time. The final Lesser Knowns will feature the characters portrayed by the late Stan Lee in all of the Marvel movies. The licensing agreement for that is in the works, and Disney is looking to hire 120 Stan Lee lookalikes; auditions begin tomorrow. If the licensing does not work out for that, there is a backup plan. There could instead be a cavalcade that features several of John Ratzenberger’s Pixar characters. There are plenty to choose from, and Disney owns the rights to those on both sides of the Mississippi.


It was
previously released that the park icons will receive special lighting for the World’s
Most Magical Celebration. Roy has given us a few more details. The lights on
Cinderella Castle will be orange, purple, and black, since that will also work
for Halloween later in the month. At EPCOT, Spaceship Earth will be covered
with shades of gray, in honor of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. You might see an
occasional whisker as well. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Hollywood Tower
Hotel will switch back to the Hollywood Toy Hotel, to prepare early for the
holiday season. Roy said that nothing special is planned at Disney’s Animal
Kingdom on The Tree of Life, because the park will close each day before it
gets dark. A security guard will be near stationed The Tree of Life with a
flashlight, just in case there are a few stragglers.

Many guests have
said that Disney needs to set off fireworks for the Golden Anniversary. According
to Roy, the higher ups at Walt Disney World agree. For one night only, Disney
will set off fireworks. They will take place on October 1 because of the
anniversary. In order to prevent a crowd from gathering, the time will not be
announced. They will also not be at the Magic Kingdom. Instead, the show will
take place at an undisclosed location. Roy said that he is pretty sure that it
will be somewhere in Nebraska.

several popular attractions are going to close for refurbishment on September
30, 2021, so they will not be open on the anniversary date. Do not plan to ride
or visit Country Bears Jamboree, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Enchanted Tiki
Room, The Haunted Mansion, “it’s a small world”, Jungle Cruise, Mad Tea Party,
Main Street Vehicles, Peter Pan’s Flight, Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, Swiss
Family Tree House, or Tomorrowland Speedway. This is in addition to the attractions
that are already closed for refurbishment.

While Disney
loves the makeover that Cinderella Castle recently received there have been
many complaints from fans. Disney plans to revert to the old look, but it will
not be done in time for the 50th anniversary. Walls will soon be going up, but
the park won’t be without an icon. Disney plans to temporarily bring back the
Sorcerer Hat that was removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2015. When we
mentioned to Roy that this contradicted what he said about the lights on Cinderella
Castle, he bought us a Mickey Pretzel. We forgot to ask again.

Speaking of
complaints, Roy told us that Disney has received a lot of complaints about the
buses to and from the resorts over the past few weeks. He said that Disney
wants to assure everyone that the company does listen to guests. Starting on
October 1, all buses will be canceled. That will ensure that guests no longer
need to wait for half an hour or more for a bus. Guests who do not have a car
will be given a map with the estimated time for walking. Problem solved.

Food is always
an important part of a celebration, especially at Walt Disney World. Roy tells
us that Disney has a real treat in store! Since Walt Disney was from Marceline,
Missouri, a delicacy will be served. Guest will be able to try a wide variety
of Chocolate Covered Ants, which is the Official National Food of Mississippi. There
will be several varieties; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and
mixed. You can enjoy your Chocolate Covered Ants on their own, or as part of a
sundae that will be served at Sleepy Hollow. That will have colored sprinkles,
which will be about the same size as the ants. Chocolate sprinkles can be added
at an extra charge, although they will look suspiciously like leftover ants
without the chocolate.

Since guests
want to be part of the celebration, Disney has a special way that you can do
just that; but you will need to stay on property. According to Roy, Disney will
have a designated “scrap spot” at each resort. You’ll be asked to leave any
scraps or even crumbs in this spot instead of throwing them in the trash. Disney
needs to get the ants for the new treats somewhere!

When we ran
into Roy a few days after our talk, he told us that he had a confession to
make. He said that he wasn’t really an Imagineer, or even a Cast Member at all.
He said that he just liked to wear white and carry a broom. He then had one
more thing to say, and that was “April Fools!”

- Leaked 50th Anniversary Information

When imagining and planning a Walt Disney World vacation, many guests tend to focus on the classic Magic Kingdom and perhaps Epcot or Disney’s Animal Kingdom thanks to their histories and unique attractions and experiences. Disney’s Hollywood Studios unfortunately tends to get overlooked many times, often because guests aren’t familiar with the Disney Park in general or because they believe some widespread assumptions and lies that are simply not true. From misassumptions about the Disney Park in general to simply not knowing about certain amazing experiences that are waiting each and every day, guests might not realize how amazing Disney’s Hollywood Studios is and miss out on a lot. Here are the top ten lies that many guests hear about Disney’s Hollywood Studios that are simply not true!


1. The Park Is Only Focused On Star Wars

In recent years, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has seen a major overhaul with the demolition of certain areas and a vast array of new construction that has brought attractions, entertainment, dining, and more. The largest expansion and addition to the Disney Park has been the creation of Galaxy’s Edge, and entire area dedicated strictly to Star Wars where guests can travel to the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu. While Disney’s Hollywood Studios is certainly the ultimate destination in Walt Disney World for the Star Wars fan, the Disney Park still offers countless other experiences that are not centered on Star Wars for other guests to sill enjoy.

Credit: Disney

2. There Are Only Big Thrill Attractions

Another common misconception that many guests have about Disney’s Hollywood Studios is that it is only home to thrilling attractions, which not all guests care to enjoy. There is definitely some truth to this lie in that the Disney Park is home to thrilling attractions such as the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, and Slinky Dog Dash. In addition to these big thrills, there are plenty of family-friendly attractions and entertainment that guests who are not thrill seekers can enjoy each and every day.

3. Food Options Are Limited

When picturing dining in Walt Disney World, many guests think of Epcot or Disney Springs to be the best places to dine, and while that might be true, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is definitely home to its own share of amazing restaurants where guests can enjoy various types of service and cuisine. Table service restaurants include the unique Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, and the signature experience at The Hollywood Brown Derby in addition to quick service locations such as the ABC Commissary, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, and Woody’s Lunchbox.

Credit: Disney (Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater)


4. There Is No Where To Relax

Many guests who enjoy time in a Disney Park also love to work in a little time to relax while enjoying their day, and many guests automatically assume that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is not home to any spots that offer that chance. This is totally not true as the Disney Park has several great spots to simply kick back and enjoy people watching while enjoying small bites, unique cocktails, and more. Guests can enjoy the California cool of BaseLine Tap House with cozy picnic tables and offerings from the Golden State on tap, the glamour and elegance of The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge with signature cocktails and delicious small bites, and the quirky Tune-In Lounge where blasts from the past can be enjoyed in what feels like an authentic home from the 1950s.

5. There Is No Current Live Entertainment Being Offered

The ongoing pandemic has brought many changes to Walt Disney World, including the removal of much of the live entertainment that was found throughout all four of the Disney Parks. While this unfortunately is still true in come capacities, guests might also incorrectly assume that Disney’s Hollywood Studios currently offers no live entertainment for guests to enjoy. This is untrue as For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration has returned to the Hyperion Theater with several show times each day as well as live character cavalcades including the Mickey and Friends Motorcade and Pixar Pals Motorcade.

6. There Are No Experiences For Small Guests

Since Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to several thrilling attractions, guests might also assume that the Disney Park is not particularly enjoyable for young guests who might not be tall enough to enjoy the more popular attractions. This is definitely not true as small guests can enjoy many amazing attractions including the popular Toy Story Mania in Toy Story Land, Muppet Vision 3D, Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, Disney Junior Play and Dance!, and much more! The new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway also welcomes guests of all ages to head on a fun and immersive adventure through the park with favorite characters. With so many fun and immersive experiences, small guests will have just as much fun as big ones!

7. Guests Can Wait On The Stand By Line For Star Wars: Rise Of the Resistance

The current coveted experience in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance which combines larger than life sets, favorite characters, and a completely immersive experience to allow guests the opportunity to join the Resistance and fight against the First Order. Guests who enjoy the experience find themselves captured by the First Order and desperately trying to escape the clutches of Kylo Ren and make it back to the secret rebel base in one piece. The experience is totally unforgettable, but guests might not realize that there is currently no stand by line for the attraction. The only way to enjoy Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is by logging onto the My Disney Experience App at designated times and trying to join the virtual queue which then assigns boarding group numbers and calls guests back at their designated times.

8. Oga’s Cantina Is Not Worth the Reservation

With the addition of Galaxy’s Edge also came the opening of a famous location known to many throughout the galaxy. Oga’s Cantina is a bustling location that is open to all sorts of travelers and Cast Members who work at the location serve up specialty beverages and small bites set to interstellar tunes pumped out by DJ Rex. Oga’s Cantina is very popular and requires a reservation to get into, and it is absolutely worth it! With delicious and fun drinks, interesting and upbeat music, and immersive props and items all around, guests should absolutely make an effort to make a reservation and enjoy Oga’s Cantina at least once.

9. It’s A Half Day Park

Another common assumption about Disney’s Hollywood Studios is that it is a half day park and that guests so not need to allot a ton of time to experience it. This is totally off base as there is so much to do in the Disney Park that guests could actually spend multiple days exploring and enjoying it and still not see it all. With so many attractions for guests of all ages, entertainment, dining, and more, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is most definitely not a half day park and guests should plan accordingly when making their schedules.

Photo Credit: Disney

10. Not As Intricately Themed As the Other Disney Parks

One final lie about Disney’s Hollywood Studios that many guests tend to believe is that it is not as themed or filled with details as the other three Disney Parks. This could not be further from the truth and rather comes from many guests simply not being as familiar with the park as they could be. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is filled with many immersive details that pay homage to the history of Hollywood and some of its greatest characters and locations. Guests who take the time to truly slow down, explore, and take in all that Disney’s Hollywood Studios has to offer are rewarded with beautiful details and theming that are sure to be remembered!

- Top 10 Lies About Disney’s Hollywood Studios