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Fun Facts About Disney’s Donald Duck

Move over, Mickey Mouse: today Donald Duck has the spotlight!  As one of Walt Disney’s classic characters, Donald Duck has delighted and entertained generations of fans with his hot-tempered nature, hilarious hijinks, and heart of gold.  In many ways, Donald is the antithesis of Mickey – they’re like the yin and yang of the animation world.  But how much do ...

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10 Most Common Q&A During Walt Disney World Phased Reopening

Walt Disney World reopened to the public back in July with new safety protocols in place to help keep guests and cast members safe.  Part of Disney’s reopening process is a phased reopening meaning some experiences aren’t exactly like they were previously.  We have the 10 most commonly asked questions and answers regarding this phased reopening to help you better ...

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Fun Facts About Disney’s Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck is one of the lesser-known Disney characters. She tends to keep a lower profile than her Fab Five pals, and because of this, there are several things that most Disney fans don’t know about her, unless she happens to be their most favorite character. So as not to leave anyone out, we wanted to do our best to ...

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Top Three Drinks In Each Walt Disney World Park

Each of the four theme parks in Walt Disney World boasts its own unique theming that comes through in every little detail and feature of the park from overall theming right down to color schemes and more. With such unique themes, each of the Disney Parks is also home to its own dining experiences that offer up delicious and memorable ...

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Top 5 Restaurants At Disney Springs

With so many recent changes due to the ongoing pandemic in Walt Disney World, guests might feel as though they are going to miss out on the excellent dining offerings that are normally available throughout Walt Disney World. While there are certainly a fair share of locations that are impacted by closures, Disney Springs is still home to some amazing ...

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Fun Facts About Walt Disney’s Minnie Mouse

Though her popularity waned a bit in the 1930s, Minnie Mouse has been around just as long as Mickey. In fact, they share the same birthday. While Walt Disney famously reminded us that “It was all started by a mouse”, we would argue that Mickey wouldn’t be who he is today if it weren’t for his better half. Here are ...

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Fun Facts About Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse

Did you know that Mickey Mouse is estimated to stand just over two feet tall? Or that he’s the most frequent selection for write-in candidates on U.S. election ballots? Here are eight more fun facts you may not have known about the world’s most iconic mouse. 1. He Was Originally Going to Be Named Mortimer Alas, Walt’s wife Lillian is ...

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Here’s Why Disney+ Is Worth Every Penny

It’s been over a year since Disney+ first launched, and thanks to the roller coaster ride 2020 took us on, we had plenty of time at home to use this service. Our opinion on Disney+? It is 100% worth every penny we’ve spent on it so far. In fact, as hardcore Disney fanatics, we might even go as far as ...

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