4. Free Beverage Refills

Guests will pay a premium for beverages at Walt Disney World. If you know you are going to purchase that soda, you might as well get your money’s worth. Some quick serve dining establishments offer self-serve soda machines. Instead of the Cast Members filling the drinks behind the counter, you are simply handed a cup where you get your own ...

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5. Free Water

Yup. No need to spend extra. Sure, they will display that bottled water for sale for $3.00 or more. However, all you have to do is ask for a free cup of ice water! The savings really add up when you have a large party on a hot day. In fact, you can walk up to any location that serves ...

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6. Save Money with Entree Only

While standing in line to order your food, your eyes will naturally look up to the menu displayed above you. Like many fast food restaurants, photographs display the food for most items available for purchase. Disney automatically displays the entree along with side such as a burger and fries. But, did you know you are not obligated to order both? ...

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7. Kids Meals for Everyone

Many full service restaurants located at Walt Disney World frown on, or simply will not allow adult guests to order from the kids menu. This is especially true when it comes to buffets. However, at quick serve locations, anyone can order a kids meal. If you do not have a large appetite or you simply find something that catches your ...

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