Top 9 Bizarre Walt Disney World Facts

Let’s face it, we love the weird, bizarre, strange and different. I am certainly guilty of being intrigued by the weirdest stories, whether it is strange celebrity facts or being fascinated with urban legends. I started thinking; I wonder what weird Disney has in its past (or present!) I have collected the top 9 facts that will make you go, ...

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6 Huge Misconceptions About Walt Disney World

Sure, Walt Disney World could be totally overwhelming if you are planning your first trip. For many adults, it is hard for them to understand a colleague’s enthusiasm for yet another vacation to the House of Mouse so they ask why are you going again under the mistaken belief that Walt Disney World is too expensive or only for children. Which ...

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9 Tips For Taking Memorable Disney Theme Park Photos

There is one thing I can guarantee 99.99% of people who visit Walt Disney World return home with: photos. You will have some blurry ones, some dark ones, some good ones and some priceless ones. Here are a few tips to help you capture every magical moment of your Disney Vacation:   1. Get People in Your Photos Unless you ...

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Top 6 Questions And Answers About Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards are a great way to give the gift of Disney, pay for your vacation, and even save on your vacation. Because these cards are readily available in a variety of locations, I often add them to my Christmas and Birthday lists—who couldn’t use more Disney money, right? But, do you know all of the ins and outs ...

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10 Signs You Might Be Turning Into a Disney Character

By Cassie Disney characters are often huggable heroes, just look to the sales figures on their plush figures in the parks, even the villains are embraced by many. Many of us identify with some of them making them more personal to us. That may come out when we quietly hum the characters song as we are working, or we repeat ...

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