Accident Closes World Drive at Walt Disney World

There has been a major accident around 2PM on 9/24/16 on World Drive at Walt Disney World that has left the road completely shut down. An SUV hit the support for an above-the-road sign after it an another vehicle crossed the median for the road.  The collision brought the sign crashing down over the road.  There is sure to be an ...

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Fort Wilderness Power Outage at Walt Disney World

Guests at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground are reporting that the power is out in some sections of the resort.  We are certain that Disney is actively working to make guests as comfortable as possible and resolve the issue.  It is a warm night in Orlando and the campground area doesn’t have as many air conditioned areas to hang ...

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Rivers of Light is Being Tested Again at Walt Disney World

Over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom the Rivers of Light evening show is reported as being tested again.  The show was put on hold due to major malfunctions and issues during the previous round of testing.  The show has been under construction and is apparently ready to go through testing again.  We hope that means that we will get to finally ...

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Sanaa Restaurant at Walt Disney World Will Begin Serving Breakfast

Sanaa is a restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge that is unique in that the restaurant overlooks the savanna where giraffes, antelope and other wildlife roam.  It is an extremely popular restaurant for lunch and dinner for table service meals.  The restaurant is now open for breakfast.  It is more casual, quick service type of dining that can be ordered ...

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More Fuel Rod Kiosks Coming to Walt Disney World

It appears that the Fuel Rods have been quite popular at Walt Disney World.  These are portable chargers for electronic devices.  They cost $30 and you can come back to one of the kiosks and swap and unlimited number of times to obtain a freshly charged portable charger.  You can also recharge them yourself in order to use them again. ...

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