Walt Disney World Cast Member Let Go Over Air Freshener

Orlando news outlets are reporting that ex-Walt Disney World cast member, Nancy Copley was pushed out of her position after asking Disney to discontinue use of an air freshener in a bathroom that she regularly used.  The air freshener caused concerns for her as it triggered her asthma.  Copley requested that Disney remove or change the air freshener from a ...

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Figment May Be Going Away Based on Walt Disney World Guest Survey

Walt Disney World frequently conducts research surveys to receive feedback and help guide new experiences and offerings that will be planned for the parks.  Based on recent surveys to Epcot guests, it looks like Disney is trying to determine Figment’s overall popularity.  If Disney is working to get a better understanding of his popularity for the majority of guests, this ...

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Walt Disney World Monorail Routes Changing for May

Disney has announced that the monorail routes will be adjusted on May 16th, 17th and 24th from 11:30AM to 6PM on those days.  These monorail routes will included different drop offs and pick ups for each monorail route.  The Express Monorail which usually travels directly between Magic Kingdom and the Ticket and Transportation Center will also make a stop at ...

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