Beware of These 10 Things at Walt Disney World

There is no place on Earth more magical than Walt Disney World in central Florida. Happiness abounds, dreams become reality and grown-ups revisit their childhoods—all inside the gates of this wonderful world within our world. Fantasy lurks around every corner in each of the four theme parks, and a feeling overtakes you inside this magical place, assuring you that if you believe hard enough, all your dreams will come true. But as with all things glorious, there are some things that can sour the experience—if you let them. Think of the proverbial basket of perfect apples and one rotten apple among them. You can be so frustrated with the one that’s rotten, that you toss out the whole basket. Or you can discard the rotten one and go on with your day. Here are 10 potential “rotten apples” that could spoil the Magic for you, if you let them.

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