Beware of These 10 Things at Walt Disney World

Rain at Disney

5) Inclement weather

No matter your choice in vacation destination, weather will almost always play a role in your trip. Disney World is no different. In fact, because of the climate in central Florida, you can expect frequent rain showers in the warmer months, somewhat unpredictable weather in cooler months and even the threat of hurricanes from July through November. Being aware of the types of weather you might encounter on your trip can ease some of your frustration. Though Disney’s location contributes to some crazy weather outside, their strategic placement of attractions throughout the parks means that despite the rain, cold or heat, there’s always something to do at Disney World. If it’s raining, simply open up your umbrella and proceed with your day. If it’s too warm or too cool for your liking, spend the day enjoying attractions that are indoors with indoor queues as well. Resist the urge to leave the parks during less than perfect weather. One perk to having poor weather at Disney is that often, the rain and cold tend to lessen the crowds in the parks. Take advantage of shorter wait times and less crowded walkways during the rain or cold.