Beware of These 10 Things at Walt Disney World

7) Dehydration

This monster hides inside the parks, searching for its next victim, especially during the warmer months of June, July and August. Guests come to the parks during the warm months—not because they relish the idea of baking themselves along Main Street, but because their kids are out of school for the summer. They know it will be warm; they know it will be hot. And humid. The heat and the humidity, combined with lots of walking in the parks and failure to drink enough water can create the perfect storm for dehydration. Don’t let that happen to you. Be prepared. Know your limits and the limits of your family members. Water is readily available in the parks at every quick-service restaurant and each pick-up kiosk. Simply ask for ice water, and a Cast Member will be happy to get it for you. It’s free, so drink up, and don’t let dehydration drain all the fun out of your Disney experience.