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Top 10 Sweet Treats at Walt Disney World

Top 10 Sweet Treats at Walt Disney World There is no shortage of ways to treat your sweet tooth at Walt Disney World, and I think I probably gained 10 lbs. just thinking about all of the delicious goodies to write this article.  The good news for your wallet is that many of these are available on the Disney Dining ...

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10 Ways To Stay Safe On Your Walt Disney World Vacation

When we are on vacation we all like to relax, and Walt Disney World is certainly conducive to leaving the real world behind, but we don’t want to let our guard down too much.  There are certain basic, common sense things that you can do to protect yourself, your family and your belongings while on vacation, and to stay safe ...

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Top 8 Things To Do At Walt Disney World In The Rain

Although we all envision perfect sunny weather for our vacations, into each trip a little rain must fall. And if you are visiting Central Florida the chances are very high that you will encounter rain more than once. There are a few apps that I like to help me know when the rain falling will be a washout or just ...

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Top 8 Secret Finds At Walt Disney World

The parks at Walt Disney World are covered with secrets left by the Imagineers as tributes, inside jokes, or just fun things for guests to “discover” as they tour the parks.  To me this is what sets Disney parks apart from other theme parks; there are so many details that give you much more to enjoy than just dashing from ...

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