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Disney fans are RUINING the magic, not Bob Chapek

“The magic is gone.” “Disney’s not what it used to be.” “We’re going to Universal!” “Chapek is running the company into the ground.” “It’s time to replace Chapek.” “Disney got rid of the wrong Bob.” “Fire Bob Chapek!” “Get rid of Bob Chapek!” Enough already. And not because any of the above sentiments is wrong or off-base. Not hardly. Like ...

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Check out these locations from PIXAR films you can visit RIGHT NOW in real life

pixar locations

The team of software engineers, art directors, animators, engineers, tech directors, graphic designers, and writers at PIXAR does many things very well. And they’ve always done things just a little bit differently. It’s their calling card. PIXAR’s animation abilities are stellar–just look at the water in any of PIXAR’s recent films; if you didn’t know you were watching an animated ...

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You might be surprised at the info your MagicBand gives Disney about you


When the idea of MagicBands was first unveiled by Disney Parks, it must have sounded like something straight out of Tomorrowland. The New York Times’ description of the new-fangled bands likened them to something from Fantasyland, entreating readers to imagine wearing rubber bands at Disney World–rubber bands that were magical: “Imagine Walt Disney World with no entry turnstiles,” the January ...

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“Encanto” SETS two more records for Disney Animated Films

scenes from encanto songs

Since its theatrical debut before Thanksgiving 2021 and its Disney+ debut on Christmas Eve, Disney’s Encanto continues to wow fans, receive accolades, and break records. Just last week, the film set two new records never before achieved by any song written for a film produced by Disney Animation, but the records have nothing to do with animation. RELATED: Here’s how ...

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Animators had to FIGHT DISNEY execs to draw Luisa from “Encanto” with big muscles and a broad build

luisa buff lady disney encanto

The¬†Encanto¬†train keeps rolling along and it doesn’t look to put on the brakes anytime soon. Disney’s 60th animated feature film about the amazing Madrigal family has won the acclaim of critics and audiences alike, many saying they identify personally with one or more elements in the film’s storyline, or in the look and design of characters in Encanto. RELATED: Disney’s ...

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