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10 Reasons a Disney Vacation Makes Everything Better

By Molly Elias A Disney vacation is my favorite vacation. When I’m stuck in the daily grind of life, I often find myself thinking how much better things would be if I were in Disney. There are so many reasons that Disney makes life just a little bit sweeter. Here are ten of my favorites:   10. There is no ...

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8 Amazing Secret Spots Around WDW

By Molly Elias I love finding fun, hidden things around the parks. All of the items on this list are by no means a complete secret, but they are all things that are easily missed. These spots are super fun and exciting to find while you’re enjoying your time in Disney: Singin’ in the Rain Umbrella: Hollywood Studios is all ...

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6 Must Do’s On Main Street In The Magic Kingdom

6. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire– I understand that the shows can be a little cheesy, but it’s also ridiculously fun and a part of the Main Street experience. Multiple times a day, Mickey and the gang come out to perform. They’re ready to celebrate friendship with all the usual favorites, plus a few additional not-so-usual characters. This show is super ...

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9 Details That Most People Miss At Walt Disney World

I love that I can go to Disney year after year and still see something new every time. Walt never wanted his parks to get boring. He wanted them to grow and evolve with the times. Disney has certainly stayed true to Walt’s wishes and leaves its fans with little details that make every trip amazing.   9. Rope outside ...

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Top Eight Reasons I Want to Go to Disney Every Day

By Molly Elias I basically have a desire to go to Disney World every single day. And all of these reasons, plus a ton more, are always relevant to me in my life. Disney is always calling my name and sometimes I just can’t say no. But the majority of the time, I just end up daydreaming and thinking of ...

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