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Disney’s New Magical Companion for Your Home is a Must Have

New Disney virtual assistant

Have you ever wanted your own personal assistant voiced by some of your favorite Disney characters? Now’s your chance! Most of us already have at least one Alexa in our homes. They’ve become a valuable tool in helping us manage the chaos of everyday life. Whether it’s ordering groceries, building a schedule, or just playing some music while you cook ...

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Look at Disney Parks Upcoming Holiday Merchandise

Disney 2023 Holiday Merchandise

It’s never early enough to start your holiday shopping or make those naughty and nice lists! We find the earlier, the better. So why not start in June? For those of you who like to get a jump start on the holiday action, Disney has continued its “Halfway to the Holidays” celebration today with an exciting sneak peek into new ...

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Hyped-Up Disney Snacks That Are Average at Best


A Disney Park to-do list isn’t complete without a few Mickey-shaped treats. After a quick internet search, you’re guaranteed to find the same options on just about everyone’s list. Fans adore just about anything Disney puts ears on, and this also goes for food. However, not all snacks are created equally, and many you’ve been told are must-haves are complicated, ...

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New Holiday Event RUMORED at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Halfway to the Holidays

We’ve been hard at work the past couple of hours making sure you get all of the new information Disney is releasing for the coming holiday season. There’s a ton to cover as we are officially “Halfway to the Holidays!” Earlier today we wrote about how great Disney’s Hollywood Studios is at Christmas time, and it appears that just maybe, ...

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Disney Honors World War II Hero at Magic Kingdom

Disney Honors World War II Hero at Magic Kingdom

Disney is about as American as it gets. Walt loved his country, and his patriotism is reflected greatly throughout his theme parks. When America found itself in the grip of global tyranny during World War II, Walt used his studio and his to support war efforts. This is why Disney is synonymous with the idea of Americana. It’s also a ...

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You Can Live in Walt Disney’s California Home

You Can Live in Walt Disney's California Home

Many Disney fans would go to great lengths to surround themselves with pixie dust. Whether it be adding a bit of theming to our cars or splashes of magic to our homes, we all want that “Disney feeling” 24/7. What if I told you there was a way you could live around the clock literally surrounded by a bit of ...

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Rumor: Disney Has Its Newest “Star Wars” Villain

Rumor: Disney Has Got Its New Star Wars Villain

In a galaxy not too far away, Star Wars fans are cautiously awaiting a new film trilogy. Back in April, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy let the Loth-cat out of the bag! Three brand new films are on their way featuring more narrative surrounding our beloved Rey Palpat…I mean Skywalker (Daisy Ridley). There are few details floating around outside of pure ...

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Popular Transportation Option Not Available at Walt Disney World

donald duck and cinderella castle

The state of Florida has been experiencing weather that isn’t typical for this time of year. Typically the state record a much higher amount of rainfall than it has experienced lately. This has led to serious drought conditions throughout the state. As waterways shrink, this has impacted the boating service industry. “The lack of rainfall has resulted in 88 percent ...

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