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5 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Walt Disney World Transportation

Walt Disney World covers over 27,000 acres and within it are multiple resorts, four theme parks, two water parks, golf courses and much more, and they aren’t exactly within walking distance of one another. But getting from one place to another isn’t a problem when visiting Walt Disney World because they really have thought of everything and they offer transportation ...

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5 Reasons We Absolutely Love Walt Disney World Snacks

My list of ‘must dos’ while at Walt Disney World has a number of attractions on it like Tower of Terror and Wishes, but equally as important as the attractions, are the snacks on my list. The snacks at Disney World are an integral part of the whole magical experience. Here are 5 reasons we absolutely love the snacks at ...

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How to Fit 15 Attractions in at Epcot in One Day

Epcot is practically two parks in one. It is more than twice the size of Magic Kingdom. On one side of the park there is Future World, which is home to a number of areas, such as The Land and The Seas. The other side of the park features the World Showcase which houses 11 countries surrounding the World Showcase ...

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