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Chris Evans Settles Debate As Twitter Rages Over Captain America

Chris evans defends sam wilson

Twitter is currently aflame, locked in a heated debate. Is it politics? Religion? No. Captain America– you know, the important things. It started innocently enough: The Hollywood Reporter wrote an article speculating about Cap’s future and the direction the franchise may take. Then, the internet did what the internet does- it argued about it. Fans argued back and forth about ...

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Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue Fried Chicken Recipe

Hoop-Dee-Doo fried chicken recipe

It’s no secret that we love fried chicken here at Disney Dining. Fried chicken is an absolute staple. It honestly should have its own food group. In our opinion, Disney fried chicken is second only to grandma’s fried chicken (and trust us, it’s a very close race). Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, by a very slim margin, wins as our favorite fried ...

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Obi-Wan Merchandise is Coming!

Obi-Wan merchandise

Star Wars fans gave a lot to be excited about, from brand new legacy Lightsabers to amazing original Disney+ content, it’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan!  Recently, Disney+ struck gold with Obi-Wan Kenobi,  the limited series that delved onto the Jedi Masters past. To celebrate that, Disney Parks are releasing brand new Obi-Wan merchandise! Add to ...

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2022 F&W Figment Merchandise May Just Be The Best Yet

Figment merchandise

Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival begins July 14, 2022 and while the food takes center stage, the merchandise is always a close second. This year is no different with everyone’s favorite purple dragon once again as the star of the show! Figment has a whole line of merch this year and we’re pretty sure we need it all! Check ...

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Disney Scores 147 Emmy Nominations

Disney 147 Emmy nominations

Disney is a titan in the entertainment industry and produces some of the best movies and television in the world so it’s no surprise that they would dominate the awards circuit.  Even still, they received an astounding 147 Emmy nominations this year, and according to Variety, most of them come from a surprising source!  Disney owns a majority share in ...

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Disney Will Host 18 Panels At Comic Con

Comic con Disney panels

Fandom’s of all shapes, flavors, and universes will soon converge which can only mean one thing: San Diego Comic Con is upon us! That’s right, it’s time to don your best cosplay and head to San Diego! This year’s convention will be held Wednesday July 20, 2022-Sunday July 24, 2022. It’s hard to imagine a time when this cultural dynamo wasn’t ...

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Car Locator Feature Coming to Disney Apps


We’ve all been there, after a long hot day in a Disney Park all you can think about is hobbling back to your car and turning on the AC when panic sets in: you forgot where you parked!!!!!! It’s one of the most frustrating ways to end a day at Disney. Those days will soon be behind us though with ...

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Disney’s Hulu Problem

Hulu logo

Disney is poised to buy out Comcast’s minority stake to own Hulu outright…there’s just one problem. They aren’t sure that they want it. 27 billion dollars is a lot to get buyers’ remorse about and that is exactly how much Disney will have to spend to buy out Comcast’s minority stake in the streaming platform.   Disney Acquires Hulu  This dilemma ...

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Disney Pays 1500% Premium to Air Formula 1

F1 and Disney

Formula 1 is the fastest growing sport in America. The international auto racing series regularly sees about 1.4 million American viewers each week, that’s a 53% increase in viewership from last season. This rise in viewership is thanks, in part, to the tumultuous championship race at the end of last season where decisions by the race authorities allowed for a ...

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